SecureFiles - The Next Generation Unstructured Data Management


SecureFiles enables a major paradigm shift for storing and managing files. SecureFiles provides the best solution for storing file content such as images, audio, video, PDFs, spreadsheets etc. Traditionally, relational data is stored in a database while unstructured data is stored as files in file systems. SecureFiles is specifically engineered to deliver high performance for file data comparable to that of traditional file systems while retaining the advantages of Oracle Database. SecureFiles offers the best-of-both-worlds architecture from both the database and filesystem worlds for storing unstructured data. With SecureFiles, Oracle has perfected the use of the database for storage of all enterprise data.

Key Technical Advantages

SecureFiles is designed for high performance and includes advanced features typically found in high-end file systems.

In addition to these advanced file system features, SecureFiles can take advantage of several advanced Oracle Database capabilities such as:

  • Transactions, Read Consistency, Flashback
  • 100% Backward Compatibility with LOB Interfaces
  • Readable Standby, Consistent Backup, Point in Time Recovery
  • Fine Grained Auditing, Label Security
  • XML indexing, XML Queries, XPath
  • Real Application Clusters
  • Automatic Storage Management
  • Partitioning and ILM

Data stored in SecureFiles can be accessed through both database and file system clients. SecureFiles interfaces are completely backward with LOB interfaces. More information on using SecureFiles and Migration can be found here.

Technical Information
 SecureFiles Overview (White Paper) PDF
 Migrating to SecureFiles (White Paper) PDF
 SecureFiles Frequently Asked Questions
 Advanced Compression (Data Sheet) PDF
 Advanced Compression (White Paper) PDF
 DBFS use case performance on Exadata configurations
 Database File System (DBFS) Best Practices

Learn More
 Large Objects and SecureFiles
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 Migrating LONGS to LOBS
 Database File System (DBFS)

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