Java Device Test Suite (JDTS)

Nearly 3 Billion devices run Java ME in the world today. Before a manufacturer can make a device commercially available, and before a service provider can add new devices to its offerings, they must perform a significant amount of testing to ensure a high-quality, reliable product that delivers customer satisfaction.

The Java Device Test Suite meets the industry's need for a complete solution for quality testing of Java ME platform implementations on mobile devices. JDTS is the de-facto standard accepted by industry leaders¬ómobile operators and device manufacturers alike¬óto maximize product quality and lower the engineering costs of testing.



The growing complexity and diversity of devicebswith their varying operating systems, processors, and memory configurationbsincreases the need for thorough testing. At the same time, service providers and manufacturers face the challenge of managing and, if possible, lowering in-house costs.

The Java Device Test Suite simplifies quality assurance and reduces time-to-market for Java ME implementations by providing comprehensive tests and a robust test framework. These enable JDTS users to evaluate, validate, and verify the quality of implementations of the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and the Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) on a particular device. JDTS minimizes the need to write and manage quality assurance tests manually.

The Java Device Test Suite helps device manufacturers and service providers ensure their reputation for quality, while building customer satisfaction and loyalty. It helps lower engineering costs by standardizing and simplifying the whole testing cycle.

Product Highlights


Feature-Based Text Selection Additional option means that tests can now be selected based on related device features. It is easier than ever to select proper group of tests that may be distributed across different APIs.

Feature-Based Reports New report format that matches the feature based test organization and provides a more clear quality evaluation for specific device features.

Test Severity Now tests can be assigned functionality and impact ratings so key features get the added attention they require.

Logging New log levels are now available for selection.

Portable Templates Templates can now be more easily exchanged between different JDTS systems.

Relevance Filtering Tests that are not applicable according to the current configuration will automatically be filtered out and not executed.

Template Manager Powerful tool that helps to organize templates in hierarchies and perform synchronization of updated values from parent to children.

Support for Multiple Relays A single app server installation can support multiple versions of the JDTS relay simultaneously.

Test Run Automator Test Automation tool to allow for running interactive tests without user intervention.

Custom Test Libraries Allows developers to inject a private Java library into the test bundle.