Bug Fixes

This page lists bug fixes in Java SE 6u23.

Bug ID Category Sub-category Description
6730276  hotspot compiler1 JDI_REGRESSION tests fail with "Error: count must be non-zero" error on x86
6932496  hotspot compiler1 c1: deoptimization of jsr subroutine fails on sparcv9
6939930  hotspot compiler1 exception unwind changes in 6919934  hurts compilation speed
6946892  hotspot compiler1 c1 shouldn't do sign-extend to upper 32bits on x64
6953539  hotspot compiler1 after 6892658  c1 reports that it doesn't inline StringBuffer.append
6955349  hotspot compiler1 C1: Make G1 barriers work with x64
6958292  hotspot compiler1 C1: Enable parallel compilation
6962980  hotspot compiler1 C1: stub area should take into account method handle deopt stub
6975006  hotspot compiler1 assert(check.is_deoptimized_frame()) failed: missed deopt
6975027  hotspot compiler1 use of movptr to set length of array
6976372  hotspot compiler1 # assert(_owner == Thread::current()) failed: invariant
4809552  hotspot compiler2 Optimize Arrays.fill(...)
6552204  hotspot compiler2 split_thru_phi leaves behind Phi of AddP which produces inefficient code
6663854  hotspot compiler2 assert(n != __null,"Bad immediate dominator info.") in C2 with -Xcomp
6677629  hotspot compiler2 PhaseIterGVN::subsume_node() should call hash_delete() and add_users_to_worklist()
6879921  hotspot compiler2 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/utilities/globalDefinitions.cpp:268
6892658  hotspot compiler2 C2 should optimize some stringbuilder patterns
6896381  hotspot compiler2 CTW fails share/vm/ci/bcEscapeAnalyzer.cpp:99, assert(_stack_height < _max_stack,"stack overflow")
6916062  hotspot compiler2 assert(_inserts <= _insert_limit,"hash table overflow") in NodeHash::hash_insert with debug build
6916623  hotspot compiler2 Align object to 16 bytes to use Compressed Oops with java heap up to 64Gb
6927049  hotspot compiler2 assert(is_Loop(),"invalid node class")
6930035  hotspot compiler2 C2 type system incorrectly handles case j.l.Object->meet(constant AryPtr)
6930043  hotspot compiler2 C2: SIGSEGV in javasoft.sqe.tests.lang.arr017.arr01702.arr01702.loop_forw(II)I
6930116  hotspot compiler2 loop predication code does not handle If nodes with only one projection
6930772  hotspot compiler2 JSR 292 needs to support SPARC C1
6935466  hotspot compiler2 new CodeCache flushing code is not guarded by the flag
6935535  hotspot compiler2 String.indexOf() returns incorrect result on x86 with SSE4.2
6938026  hotspot compiler2 C2 compiler fails in Node::rematerialize()const
6939196  hotspot compiler2 method handle signatures off the boot class path get linkage errors
6939207  hotspot compiler2 refactor constant pool index processing
6939804  hotspot compiler2 ciConstant::print() prints incorrect bool value
6940520  hotspot compiler2 CodeCache::scavenge_root_nmethods_do must fix oop relocations
6940677  hotspot compiler2 Use 64 bytes chunk copy for arraycopy on Sparc
6940726  hotspot compiler2 Use BIS instruction for allocation prefetch on Sparc
6940733  hotspot compiler2 allocate non static oop fields in super and sub classes together
6941529  hotspot compiler2 SharedRuntime::raw_exception_handler_for_return_address must reset thread MethodHandle flag
6942326  hotspot compiler2 x86 code in string_indexof() could read beyond reserved heap space
6943485  hotspot compiler2 JVMTI always on capabilities change code generation too much
6946040  hotspot compiler2 add intrinsic for short and char reverseBytes
6947341  hotspot compiler2 JVM Crash running Oracle ATG CRMDemo
6950075  hotspot compiler2 nmethod sweeper should operate concurrently
6951083  hotspot compiler2 oops and relocations should part of nmethod not CodeBlob
6951190  hotspot compiler2 assert(!klass_is_exact(),"only non-exact klass") while building JDK
6951686  hotspot compiler2 Using large pages on Linux prevents zero based compressed oops
6953267  hotspot compiler2 assert in EA code with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
6953576  hotspot compiler2 bottom_type for matched AddPNodes doesn't always agree with ideal
6954029  hotspot compiler2 Improve implicit null check generration with COOP
6956958  hotspot compiler2 assert(is_clean() || is_call_to_compiled() || is_call_to_interpreted() || is_optimized() || is_megam
6957004  hotspot compiler2 MethodComparator uses the wrong CP index accessor
6957080  hotspot compiler2 MethodComparator needs stress testing
6958254  hotspot compiler2 -XX:+VerifyOops is broken on x86
6958668  hotspot compiler2 repeated uncommon trapping for new of klass which is being initialized
6959430  hotspot compiler2 Make sure raw loads have control edge
6960865  hotspot compiler2 ldc of unloaded class throws an assert in ciTypeFlow
6962569  hotspot compiler2 assembler_sparc.cpp:1969: assert(false) failed: error
6964479  hotspot compiler2 widen normalization of small int and long values should be symmetric
6965184  hotspot compiler2 possible races in make_not_entrant_or_zombie
6965671  hotspot compiler2 fatal error: acquiring lock JNIGlobalHandle_lock/16 out of order with lock CodeCache_lock/1
6965815  hotspot compiler2 OptimizeStringConcat: assert(!q->is_MergeMem()) failed with specjbb2000
6966411  hotspot compiler2 escape.cpp:450 assert(base->Opcode() == Op_ConP
6968336  hotspot compiler2 VM crash guarantee(!nm->is_zombie()) failed: cannot lock a zombie method
6968368  hotspot compiler2 SIGSEGV in the BCEscapeAnalyzer::copy_dependencies(Dependencies*)+0x105
6968385  hotspot compiler2 malformed xml in sweeper logging
6969569  hotspot compiler2 assert(is_static() && is_constant()) failed: illegal call to constant_value()
6969574  hotspot compiler2 invokedynamic call sites deoptimize instead of executing
6969586  hotspot compiler2 OptimizeStringConcat: SIGSEGV in LoadNode::Value()
6973308  hotspot compiler2 Missing zero length check before repne scas in check_klass_subtype_slow_path()
6973329  hotspot compiler2 C2 with Zero based COOP produces code with broken anti-dependency on x86
6973963  hotspot compiler2 SEGV in ciBlock::start_bci() with EA
6974682  hotspot compiler2 CTW: assert(target != NULL) failed: must not be null
6975078  hotspot compiler2 assert(allocated_on_res_area() || allocated_on_C_heap() || allocated_on_arena()
6975855  hotspot compiler2 don't emit deopt MH handler in C1 if not required
6978249  hotspot compiler2 spill between cpu and fpu registers when those moves are fast
6981773  hotspot compiler2 incorrect fill value with OptimizeFill
6982370  hotspot compiler2 SIGBUS in jbyte_fill
6984368  hotspot compiler2 Large default heap size does not allow to use zero based compressed oops.
6984979  hotspot compiler2 OptimizeFill misses some cases with an odd memory graph
6423256  hotspot garbage_collector GC stacks should use a better data structure
6755988  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded")
6814437  hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove the _new_refs array
6819061  hotspot garbage_collector G1: eliminate serial Other times that are proportional to the collection set length
6858496  hotspot garbage_collector Clear all SoftReferences before reaching the GC overhead limit.
6871109  hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove the concept of the scan-only prefix
6897143  hotspot garbage_collector Stress test crashes during HeapInspection using ParallelGC.
6909756  hotspot garbage_collector G1:guarantee(! G1CollectedHeap::heap()- > mark_in_progress(), "Precondition.")
6910182  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: assert(_cursor[j] == _survivor_plab_array[j].end(),"Ctl pt invariant")
6919638  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent misinteracts with gc locker
6921317  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(top() == bottom() || zfs == Allocated,"Region must be empty, or we must be setting it to
6921710  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(new_finger >= _finger && new_finger < _region_limit,"invariant")
6928059  hotspot garbage_collector G1: command line parameter renaming
6928065  hotspot garbage_collector G1: use existing command line parameters to set the young generation size
6928073  hotspot garbage_collector G1: use existing command line parameters for marking cycle initiation
6928081  hotspot garbage_collector G1: rename parameters common with CMS
6930581  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads > 1 || n_yielded() == _hrrs->occupied(),"Should have yielded all the ..
6935821  hotspot garbage_collector G1: threads created during marking do not active their SATB queues
6935839  hotspot garbage_collector excessive marking stack growth during full gcs
6937142  hotspot garbage_collector G1: improvements to debugging output
6937160  hotspot garbage_collector G1: should observe GCTimeRatio
6939027  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assertion failure during the concurrent phase of cleanup
6940310  hotspot garbage_collector G1: MT-unsafe calls to CM::region_stack_push() / CM::region_stack_pop()
6940894  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded") for compaction tests
6941378  hotspot garbage_collector G1: change default value of G1UseFixedWindowMMUTracker to true
6942253  hotspot garbage_collector G1: replace G1ParallelGCAllocBufferSize with YoungPLABSize and OldPLABSize
6942771  hotspot garbage_collector SEGV in ParScanThreadState::take_from_overflow_stack
6943926  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Integer overflow during heap region verification
6944166  hotspot garbage_collector G1: explicit GCs are not always handled correctly
6946048  hotspot garbage_collector G1: improvements to +PrintGCDetails output
6946056  hotspot garbage_collector assert((intptr_t) sp()<=(intptr_t) result,"result must>=than stack pointer"), frame_x86.cpp:295
6948537  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: BOT walkers observe out-of-thin-air zeros on sun4v sparc/CMT
6948538  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: BOT walkers can fall into object allocation and initialization cracks
6948539  hotspot garbage_collector CMS+UseCompressedOops: placement of cms_free bit interferes with promoted object link
6949307  hotspot garbage_collector G1: raise a vm error, do not core dump, if target pause time and target interval are inconsistent
6951188  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: move PromotionInfo into its own file
6952853  hotspot garbage_collector SIGSEGV with UseAdaptiveGCBoundary on 64b linux running jvm2008
6953058  hotspot garbage_collector G1: A bigapp crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
6953483  hotspot garbage_collector Typo related to ReduceInitialCardMarks leaves concurrent collectors vulnerable to heap corruption
6953952  hotspot garbage_collector collectedHeap.cpp should use #ifdef _LP64 not LP64
6956639  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(cached_ptr != card_ptr) failed: shouldn't be, concurrentG1Refine.cpp:307
6957084  hotspot garbage_collector simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
6962589  hotspot garbage_collector remove breadth first scanning code from parallel gc
6962947  hotspot garbage_collector shared TaskQueue statistics
6963209  hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove the concept of abandoned pauses
6966222  hotspot garbage_collector G1: simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
6970376  hotspot garbage_collector ParNew: shared TaskQueue statistics
6974928  hotspot garbage_collector G1: sometimes humongous objects are allocated in young regions
6975964  hotspot garbage_collector G1: print out a more descriptive message for evacuation failure when +PrintGCDetails is set
6976378  hotspot garbage_collector ParNew: stats are printed unconditionally in debug builds
6977970  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: concurrentMarkSweepGeneration.cpp:7947 assert(addr <= _limit) failed: sweep invariant
6977974  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: blockOffsetTable.hpp:187 assert(!reducing || _offset_array[i] >= offset) failed: Not reducing
6978533  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Elide BOT update asserts until 6977974  is fixed correctly
6988678  hotspot garbage_collector fatal error deadlock handling was unintentionally disabled
6378314  hotspot jvmti Bad warning message when agent library not found. local directory is not searched.
6656830  hotspot jvmti assert((*p)->is_oop(),"expected an oop while scanning weak refs")
6888526  hotspot jvmti Linux getCurrentThreadCpuTime is drastically slower than Windows
6949515  hotspot jvmti VM crash when calling GetMethodDeclaringClass
6956931  hotspot jvmti assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) failed: must be executed at a safepoint
6915365  hotspot monitoring_management assert(false,"Unsupported VMGlobal Type") at management.cpp:1540
6888954  hotspot other argument formatting for assert() and friends
6939182  hotspot runtime_jni Zero JNI handles fix
6852873  hotspot runtime_system Increase in delta between application stopped time and ParNew GC time over application lifetime
6888573  hotspot runtime_system class data sharing does not always disable large pages
6911922  hotspot runtime_system JVM must throw VerifyError for jsr or jsr_w opcodes in class file v.51+
6929067  hotspot runtime_system Stack guard pages should be removed when thread is detached
6930553  hotspot runtime_system classfile format checker allows invalid method descriptor in CONSTANT_NameAndType_info in some cases
6932270  hotspot runtime_system Allow Java's ELF symtab reader to use separate debuginfo files
6932480  hotspot runtime_system Crash in CompilerThread/Parser. Unloaded array klass?
6933402  hotspot runtime_system RFE: Improve PrintSafepointStatistics output to track cleanup time
6934089  hotspot runtime_system Zero 32-bit/64kb page fix
6934758  hotspot runtime_system Expose the break down of clean up task time during Safepoint
6936168  hotspot runtime_system Recent fix for unmapping stack guard pages doesn't close /proc/self/maps
6938627  hotspot runtime_system Make temporary directory use property java.io.tmpdir when specified
6939180  hotspot runtime_system Zero locking fix
6939845  hotspot runtime_system zero needs fallback path in C++ interpreter for platform dependent fast bytecodes
6941224  hotspot runtime_system Improved stack overflow handling for Zero
6944503  hotspot runtime_system Improved Zero crash dump
6950178  hotspot runtime_system Zero stack improvements
6950617  hotspot runtime_system Zero/Shark interface updates
6951784  hotspot runtime_system Zero deoptimizer changes
6964164  hotspot runtime_system +MonitorInUseLists can cause leakage of contended objects
6973570  hotspot runtime_system OrderAccess::storestore() scales poorly on multi-socket x64 and sparc: cache-line ping-ponging
6975210  hotspot runtime_system java.lang.VerifyError in some of JCK tests
6977640  hotspot runtime_system Zero and Shark fixes
6745217  hotspot svc_agent jmap throws sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: BitMap index out of bounds (1.5.0_15-b04)
6936709  hotspot tools AsyncGetCallTrace doesn't handle inexact stack walking properly
6995975  java build libjsoundsolmidi.so does not exist in JFB6u21 self extract but in package base JFB6u21
6217210  java char_encodings RFE: Support for Cp833 in 1.4.2
6233838  java char_encodings improving charset implementation maintainability and performance
6392804  java char_encodings Inappropriate output of \ufffd in various decoders
6951776  java classes_2d Modify MFontConfiguration to correctly determine linux releases
6678385  java classes_awt Random java.lang.StackOverflowError from various JDKs
6880694  java classes_awt GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow(null) throws NPE if there's a fullscreen window displayed
6927600  java classes_awt JDK 1.6 unable to capture X11 event in a Canvas using
6944561  java classes_awt Mouse cursor stays in Text mode after leaving JTextArea or JTextField (Motif-based Toolkit only)
6963811  java classes_beans Deadlock-prone locking changes in Introspector
6416177  java classes_fontprop SuSE 10 needs CJK support
6911839  java classes_fontprop Sles/SuSE 11 needs CJK support
4939819  java classes_io File.canWrite() returns false for the "My Documents" directory (win)
6728842  java classes_io File.setReadOnly does not make a directory read-only (win)
6581734  java classes_management CMS Old Gen's collection usage is zero after GC which is incorrect
6645197  java classes_nio (so) Timed read with socket adaptor throws ClosedSelectorException if temporary selector GC'ed.
6728542  java classes_nio (se) epoll based SelectorProvider should be portable to platforms other than x86 and x64
6971825  java classes_nio (so) improve scatter/gather implementation
6950553  java classes_sound Applet: IE process crash in OLE32.DLL when playing a sound.
6458123  java classes_swing Bugs in menu item layout
6464003  java classes_swing Text truncated in JLabel
6584657  java classes_swing GTK Look and Feel: Bugs in menu item layout
6824600  java classes_swing OOM occurs when setLookAndFeel() is executed in Windows L&F(XP style)
6939261  java classes_swing Since 1.6.0_18 JMenus at JMenuBar are not selectable by their Mnemonic key anymore
6941137  java classes_util_i18n DST broken in 6u18 when jre/lib/zi is moved elsewhere and replaced with symlink.
6955776  java classes_util_i18n (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB981793
4691425  java classes_util_jarzip GZIPInputStream fails to read concatenated .gz files
6929479  java classes_util_jarzip Add a system property sun.zip.disableMemoryMapping to disable mmap use in ZipFile
6949710  java classes_util_logging the GC'able nature of Logging objects needs to be made brutally clear
6578041  java dragndrop Drag & Drop from Motif to Java does not work.
6868106  java localization Ukrainian currency has wrong format
6896693  java localization [fr] keytool: wrong message format in fr locale
6910489  java localization Slovenia Locale, wrong firstDayOfWeek number
6945145  java_deployment security PKIX path validation failed: App won't start when offline when using JOGL/Win7
6946479  java_plugin plugin New browser windows do not properly receive focus under certain conditions. (see 6932209/6927268 )
6895556  java_plugin plugin2 lack of status information showstatus method of Applet when the "Next Gen" plug-in enabled
6921935  java_plugin plugin2 Java Runtime Error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in [mshtml.dll+0x249889]
6955280  java_plugin plugin2 Java Plug-in fails to remember the password for some resource
6967841  java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2's IPCFactory.java incorrectly parses incoming arguments
6280769  javawebstart general Full automatic proxy script support in Java Web Start on Unix
6898437  javawebstart general Java Web Start 6 does not return appropriate exit code upon failure
6939245  javawebstart other Invalid Proxy Type with Firefox as default browser, use system proxy settings
6960430  javawebstart other java.lang.NullPointerException: null peer with Java Web Start (jdk1.6 update 12)
6933738  jaxb-xsd compiler JAXB: xjc -episode option generates invalid code (duplicate @XmlAnyAttribute)
6937964  jaxp other XML Duration do not conform to W3C specifications
6922044  jaxp xslt XSLTC performance regression in 1.6.0_18
6955783  jndi dns ServiceUnavailableException caught even the secondary DNS is available
6979376  jndi ldap to have ldap filters tolerate underscore character in object identifier
6988513  visualvm tool Integrate VisualVM 1.3.1 into 6u23