Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u111 release:

# JBS component subcomponent Description
1 JDK-8140530 client-libs 2d Creating a VolatileImage with size 0,0 results in no longer working g2d.drawString
2 JDK-8148127 client-libs 2d IllegalArgumentException thrown by JCK test api/java_awt/Component/FlipBufferStrategy/indexTGF_General in opengl pipeline
3 JDK-8147077 client-libs java.awt IllegalArgumentException thrown by api/java_awt/Component/FlipBufferStrategy/indexTGF_General
4 JDK-6882559 client-libs javax.swing new JEditorPane("text/plain","") fails for null context class loader
5 JDK-8157785 deploy webstart Signed JWS application unexpectedly asks for permission to open a socket
6 JDK-8161700 deploy webstart Deadlock in Java Web Start application involving JNLPClassLoader
7 JDK-8161986 deploy webstart Selecting 32/64 bit resources failed if user has installed both jre's
8 JDK-8148167 install install jdk 8u71 fails to install with no error message
9 JDK-8149518 install install Installer hangs during the JDK 8u74 installation process.