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JavaBeans technology is the component architecture for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). JavaBeans components (beans) are reusable software programs that you can develop and assemble easily to create sophisticated applications. JavaBeans technology is based on the JavaBeans specification.


Build JavaBeans With NetBeans IDE
Java Plug-in Software

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The JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX

JavaBeans architecture provides open-door migration from current ActiveX-based solutions into products meeting the 100% Pure Java certification standards with the JavaBeans architecture Bridge for ActiveX. The Bridge allows any JavaBeans component to be hosted by any legacy COM/OLE/ActiveX container. Thus, component developers can safely construct and deploy platform-independent JavaBeans components in custom solutions developed in Visual Basic, or commercial applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Visit the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX software pages for download instructions.


Bug Database

This page will give you access to the Bug Database to Bugs that have been recorded for JavaBeans. It is possible to change bug type to RFE.

Java Forum: JavaBeans

JavaBeans components, or beans, are reusable software components that follow simple naming and design conventions so they present a standard interface to other beans, programs, and tools. Join this forum to learn about JavaBeans or to help others become more familiar.

Java Forum: ActiveX Bridge for JavaBeans

Join in on the discussions about the ActiveX Bridge for JavaBeans.


Online Courses

Through an online class environment, you will be able to take indepth online courses.

Java Tutorial: JavaBeans

JavaBeans brings component technology to the Java platform. With the JavaBeans API you can create reuseable, platform-independent components. Using JavaBeans-compliant application builder tools, you can combine these components into applets, applications, or composite components.

On-line Training

Learn more about JavaBeans technology with these detailed online tutorials and short courses. Gain hands-on experience with Sun's new technologies.