JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) encapsulates as simple tags the core functionality common to many Web applications. JSTL has support for common, structural tasks such as iteration and conditionals, tags for manipulating XML documents, internationalization tags, and SQL tags. It also provides a framework for integrating existing custom tags with JSTL tags.

The JSTL 1.2 Maintenace Release aligns with the Unified Expression Language (EL) that is being delivered as part of the JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.1 specification. Thanks to the Unified EL, JSTL tags, such as the JSTL iteration tags, can now be used with JavaServer Faces components in an intuitive way.

JSTL 1.2 is part of the Java EE 5 platform.
What's New

JSTL Project Go to the JSTL project for the latest API and implementation of JSTL 1.2.

JSTL 1.2 Maintenance Review Specification Available! Find out how changes to the JSTL specification help support the alignment of Java-based web-tier technologies.

To learn about Webtier technologies in GlassFish, please visit the GlassFish Webtier page and post questions on the GlassFish Webtier forum or send e-mail to

JSP Tag Library Developers! The JavaServer Pages Technology Forum is a great place to learn more about developing with JSP technology.

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