Oracle Business Intelligence 12c ( Downloads

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Please install in this order:

1. Java Developers Kit 8 (JDK8)

Download For Linux and Microsoft Windows (JDK 8u131 or higher) 
Download For Solaris SPARC and Solaris x86 (JDK 8u131 or higher) 
Download For IBM AIX(IBM JDK 1.8.0 SR4 FP2 or higher) 
Download For HP UX Itanium(HP JDK 8.0.09 or higher) 

2. Web Logic Server

Download Generic (1.6 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 04285a574f18767335da15a9d40c4cc2)

3. Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (

- for Microsoft Windows x86-64-bit:
Download File 1(1.9 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 5e9c138a23165bc374a93a8a1d72c7d0)
Download File 2(1.4 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 4efe2d497c0581dd8c97669acccfadc1)

- for Linux x86-64-bit:
Download File 1 (1.9 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: cf86b8cab78711bca17742cdb76c66f1)
Download File 2(1.7 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 7e4c769d52790c4e00e3e37f405dbe4a)

- for Oracle Solaris on SPARC 64-bit:
Download File 1 (1.8 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 95c101f39d1631a0d200290380a1b75b)
Download File 2(2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: a52fd7b8b6753790071ece8eb4f1a25e)
Download File 3(1.9 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 30d1aa21be681f74ff1d6f497ab6be29)

- for Oracle Solaris on x86 64-bit:
Download File 1 (2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: a8abf652ce2d78587022a3a2d3741598)
Download File 2(1.7 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: bdd9bfdad9de7d8bf6465738d938b6e1)

- for IBM AIX 64-bit:
Download File 1 (1.8 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 5cf2d74b2b6b976c17692380395137e0)
Download File 2(1.6 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 036f81e372fe626770d3b8bfcc0e8c9d)

- for HP UX Itanium:
Download File 1 (2.1 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 9910091871f15810427b590b5b67f9c9)
Download File 2(1.8 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 05bb994e3f702ae905a57c23490f6202)

Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tool (

Download for Microsoft Windows x86-64-bit (1 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 49EF3D20CB77CD7F96CA5A964E574399)

BI Suite Foundation Edition
BI Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications
BI Interactive Dashboards
BI Mobile
BI Publisher
BI Publisher for Oracle Applications
BI Server Administrator
BI Server Enterprise Edition
BI Standard Edition One
BI Suite Extended Edition
BI Suite Extended Edition for Oracle Applications
BI Delivers
Scorecard and Strategy Management

Optional Software:

WebCenter Suite
Oracle Database
SOA Suite
Identity Management


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