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  • Sun Ray Clients Documentation - Provides technical information for the Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, including technical specifications and environmental data.
  • Sun Ray Client and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Peripherals - Provides information about the compatibility of peripheral devices with Sun Ray Clients and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.
  • Oracle Smart Card Designs - View the designs for the Oracle Sun Ray Smart Cards (part numbers X1403A-N, X1404A-N). Note that these smart cards have been discontinued and are no longer available.
  • Smart Cards for Hotdesking - Provides a list of tested smart cards that may be used for hotdesking.
  • Smart Card Middleware Compatibility List - Provides a list of tested middleware for smart card authentication.
  • Oracle Peripheral Kit Specifications - The Oracle keyboard and mouse are certified for use with Sun Ray Clients. This document provides specifications for the new generation Oracle keyboard and mouse.
  • Oracle Peripheral Kit FAQ - Sun Ray Clients are optionally configured with an Oracle Peripheral Kit. This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the previous and new generation of the Oracle keyboard and mouse, and includes end of life information for the Peripheral Kits.

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