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All Sun Ray products have been discontinued. Only Sustaining level support is currently available for Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 

Sun Ray Clients

Oracle's Sun Ray Clients are simple, ultra-reliable, low-power devices that are ideal for displaying server-hosted virtual desktops. Sun Ray Clients are designed for secure, cost-effective virtualized desktop environments and don't require a local operating system or management, eliminating the complexity, expenses, and security vulnerabilities associated with other thin client and PC solutions.

Sun Ray Software

Sun Ray Software is a secure and cost-effective solution that delivers a rich virtual desktop experience for Sun Ray Clients, PCs, and laptops. It provides access to virtual desktop environments from nearly any location and dramatically reduces the complexity and operational costs incurred by traditional PC deployments.

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  • Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Win the 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Computer Equipment -Sun Ray 3 Series Clients were honored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for their 'concept-through-production' focus on eco-friendliness in the design, materials, packaging, power consumption, weight/shipping, and carbon footprint; human factors such as no moving parts and a touch-sensitive power switch; and the consistency of features throughout the product line.

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