Oracle Database In-Memory—Resources

Powering the Real-Time Enterprise

Oracle Database In-Memory delivers leading-edge in-memory performance without the need to restrict functionality or accept compromises, complexity and risk. Deploying Oracle Database In-Memory with virtually any existing Oracle Database compatible application is as easy as flipping a switch—no application changes are required. It is fully integrated with Oracle Database's scale-up, scale-out, storage tiering, availability and security technologies making it the most enterprise-strength offering in the industry.

  • Database innovations deliver extreme performance for both analytics and OLTP workloads with easy scale-out, scale-up and industrial strength availability.

  • Designed to accelerate Analytic Data Scans for faster instant availability of reports and business statistics.

  • Seamlessly works with Oracle's industry proven High Availability technology to deliver sophisticated always-on access to business data.

  • In-Memory Column Store is embedded in the Oracle Database. It is fully compatible with ALL and requires absolutely no changes in the application layer, ready for use from day one.


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