Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform

Build, Deploy, and Operate Docker Containers Easily

Oracle introduces the only container native platform that is fully integrated and open, delivering an end-to-end experience. Oracle’s enterprise-grade platform provides security, performance, and control, while eliminating vendor lock-in.

Build, Deploy, and Operate Docker Containers Easily

Oracle Container Native Platform

Oracle Container Native Platform

Oracle Container Native Platform leverages Docker and Kubernetes to provide managed services for containers.

  • Store and share your container images with a Docker-compliant registry
  • Deploy and scale container apps quickly on Kubernetes
  • Leverage containers for continuous integration/delivery workflows (CI/CD)

Our Value

  • Fully Managed

    Fully Managed

    Offload software installation, upgrades, and patching, platform backup and recovery, scaling and high availability to Oracle Cloud.

  • Enterprise-Grade


    Leverage a highly available, secure, and performant platform for containers to improve end user and customer satisfaction.

  • Open


    Take advantage of unmodified open source, ensuring no vendor lock-in. Interoperable services allow the use of third-party Kubernetes orchestration, Docker registry, and build pipelines.

  • Complete


    Provide an end-to-end solution to manage container-based applications, from base image to application builds to production deployments to updates.

Why Oracle?

  • Oracle provides Service Level Agreements for performance and manageability beyond just availability. These industry-first SLAs ensure that you’re able to manage, monitor, and modify your resources.
  • Containers run on a predictable, high-performance cloud infrastructure. Read the press release.
  • Unlike other cloud vendors, Oracle enables you to run containers on wide selection of both bare metal servers and virtual machines.

Complete Suite of Container Native Capabilities

Oracle offers a fully managed, enterprise-grade, open, and complete suite of capabilities to build, deploy, and operate your container-based applications.

Complete Suite of Container Native Capabilities
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR): A highly available, private container registry service for storing and sharing container images. An integrated platform offering, this service delivers low-latency and automatic image-layer duplication across repositories within an organization.
  • Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE): A developer-friendly, container-native, and enterprise-grade certified Kubernetes service for container orchestration. With OKE, you can get the latest Kubernetes updates, without the administrative overhead of operating Kubernetes.
  • Oracle Container Pipelines (formerly Wercker): An elegant, flexible, and programmatic container lifecycle management solution for continuous integration/continuous deployment workflows (CI/CD).
Veritone background
Building Artificial Intelligence Applications with an Open and Secure Container Native Platform
As Veritone continues to enhance its next-generation Veritone Developer application for AI data product, application, and engine providers, it was essential for us to avoid cloud lock-in and to work with standards-based tools—such as Oracle’s—that enable true hybrid cloud management.  An open standards–approach is an important guarantee that our developer community can continue to build the AI applications of tomorrow without worrying about infrastructure or vendor lock-in.
—Al Brown, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Veritone
Yieldr background
Improving Data Analytics with an Agnostic and Easy-to-Use Container Native Platform
I believe [being Docker] first fit with our philosophy about 100 percent. It really just hit the nail on the head.
—Alex Kalyvitis, CTO, Yieldr

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