Monetize anything at any scale with Oracle’s Cloud Scale portfolio

Chantel Cary, Director, Product Marketing

Innovative service providers today recognize the need to transition from “telco”—a purveyor of connectivity—to “techco”—a platform-based, cloud native provider of high value solutions that differentiates by providing unique experiences to their customers.

The motivation to evolve from “telco” to “techco”

Telecom providers are spending large sums on 5G spectrum and buildout with uncertain use cases to drive a return on that investment. Additionally, new business models like B2B2X require a high degree of agility that many telcos lack today. A recent TM Forum survey found that 78% of CSPs consider flexibility and scalability as their most urgent BSS need. Telcos realize the road to becoming a techco involves the capacity to experiment with monetizing new services and usage experiences.

Global professional services company, Accenture, estimates $700 billion in new revenue can be unlocked by techcos. To take advantage of the opportunities and potential revenues associated with 5G, cloud native and highly scalable operators will focus on creating value for customers by incorporating new pricing levers unique to 5G: speed, latency, and quality of experience (QoE) and creating multi-party business models that enable cross-industry solutions.

Introducing Oracle Cloud Scale Monetization

Oracle’s Cloud Scale Monetization portfolio is designed to help techcos reap the rewards of 5G and the digital economy by enabling flexibility and scalability and the creation of new revenue streams. Oracle’s charging system enables service providers to monetize anything at any scale: any network, service, experience, or business model, with single digit millisecond latency, high transaction throughput, and efficient resource utilization.

Why Cloud Scale? As a platinum member of the Cloud Native Compute Foundation, with a deep commitment to the cloud, Oracle is the only monetization vendor with its own cloud: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Cloud Scale Monetization delivers agility, efficiency, and speed to hundreds of service providers around the world, with billions of total subscribers. Proven to scale linearly to very high subscriber volumes with very low latency, a recently conducted 100M subscriber performance test also demonstrated multi-site scalability.

The portfolio is comprised of three fully cloud native solutions, all aligned with TM Forum Open APIs:

  • Cloud Scale Charging and Billing: Enables pre-integrated converged charging, offer design, billing, revenue, and account management across the entire revenue cycle for any service, network, experience, or business model. The pre-integration of these key business functions allow customers to benefit from a single product catalog, single solution provisioning, single set up of hierarchical structures, and rapid time to cash.
  • Cloud Scale Charging: Provides converged charging across 2G-5G networks, service, and payment types such as prepaid and postpaid.
  • Cloud Scale Billing: Delivers billing, invoicing, payments, collections, taxation, receivables, and settlement for any service type, discounting and bundling models.

Oracle’s Cloud Scale Monetization encompasses existing, proven products, such as Oracle’s Billing and Revenue Management, a flagship product in the portfolio, and Oracle’s Converged Charging System, now a part of Cloud Scale Billing and Charging. The new branding of the portfolio is designed to clearly relay its value in supporting service providers in their transition from telco to techco.

Ten reasons service providers are choosing Oracle Cloud Scale Monetization

  1. Verified cloud scale performance. Oracle’s recent 100m subscriber performance test on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure used industry realistic price plans, 90% prepaid, 10% postpaid, and recorded single-digit latency and highly efficient resource utilization even across two locations more than 2,000 miles apart.
  2. Active-active charging grid. Oracle’s in-memory charging grid offers the highest levels of availability with geo-redundancy including active-active multi-site deployment. This enables business continuity and resiliency for real-time call and session authorization which is essential for customer experience and revenue generation.
  3. Unified charging and revenue management. Oracle’s unified solution reduces the risk and expense of manual processes and out-of-sync billing and charging by deploying a fully pre-integrated solution.
  4. Cloud native agility. Since 2019 Oracle Communications has offered cloud native deployment with DevOps agility to take maximum advantage of cloud compute, network and storage. Oracle customers are benefiting from reduced downtime, easier upgrades, more agility and better efficiency.
  5. Alignment to TM Forum standards. Oracle supports the Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs and is currently at the gold level for certification. By aligning with these standards, Oracle is helping customers compete in today’s fast-changing markets. Oracle has been recognized by the TM Forum with multiple recent catalyst awards including Innovation and Best Use of Open Digital Framework.
  6. Compatibility across 2G to 5G. While 5G is in the spotlight today, many service providers will continue to operate legacy 4G, 3G and even 2G networks. Oracle offers converged charging across all generations to maximize the ROI of 5G and legacy networks with the potential to consolidate charging onto a single scalable platform for operational efficiency.
  7. Flexible business model support. Techcos are reinventing themselves to take advantage of new 5G revenue streams. Cloud Scale Monetization enables them to play a leading role in emerging B2B2X business models spanning any industry.
  8. Prepaid and postpaid convergence. Cloud Scale Charging provides a flexible and modular approach that supports innovations such as bringing offline billing systems into the online world and modernizing legacy IN/OCS systems or the complete charging and revenue management stack.
  9. Power modern app experiences. Today’s digitally savvy customers seek a mobile-first experience. By plugging directly into the network, Cloud Scale Monetization helps drive customer app engagement with real-time, relevant communications and support for purchasing, topping up, configuring flexible plans, or receiving personalized promotions.
  10. End-to-end digital experience. Cloud Scale Monetization is part of Oracle’s integrated Digital Experience for Communications cloud solution which delivers data-driven, personalized, connected experiences across the customer lifecycle from consideration to purchase to consumption to payment to support.

About Oracle Communications:

Oracle Communications provides integrated communications and cloud solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey in a communications-driven world from network evolution to digital business to customer experience. To learn more about Oracle Communications industry solutions visit: Oracle Communications LinkedIn.