Running Our
Business Sustainably

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

Our facilities portfolio spans more than 10 million square feet of owned real estate and 11 million square feet of leased space. We continuously invest in technologies and solutions that reduce our energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste at our owned facilities and data centers across the globe.

  • More energy-efficient than the industry average
  • Decreased energy use at Oracle headquarters
  • Employee-generated waste going to landfill decreased

Sustainability Accomplishments

In FY13 and FY14, we made significant progress toward achieving our sustainability goals. We successfully implemented several sustainability measures, from introducing electric vehicle charging at our US facilities to using recycled water to irrigate the landscaping at Oracle headquarters.

The graphics to the right summarize some of our key sustainability accomplishments.

Energy-Saving Technology

We leverage several energy-saving technologies to improve our environmental footprint. These include

  • Automated systems to control heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and other energy-consuming equipment
  • LED lighting installation
  • Lighting system and control upgrades
  • HVAC system and control upgrades
  • Domestic hot water upgrades
  • Modified boiler systems to reduce operating times
  • Submeter installation to monitor individual labs and large equipment
  • Chillerless design in data centers and IT equipment labs
2016 Goals

Future Goals

Drawing on more than a decade of experience implementing sustainable energy, water, and waste management practices at Oracle headquarters, we are now deploying the best of these practices to our owned and leased facilities worldwide. By 2016, we plan to achieve the goals specified in the image to the right.

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