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Oracle Database 12c Runs SAP Applications 2x Faster Than SAP HANA

Oracle Database Runs SAP Apps Faster Than HANA

Why Settle for Half the Performance?

Oracle Database is engineered to power today's demanding computing needs, from massive transactional systems to data warehouses to enterprise clouds. Only Oracle Database In-Memory brings breakthrough analytical performance to enable businesses to make real-time decisions rapidly and easily. No application changes needed. No disruption to your business. In contrast, SAP HANA requires you to rewrite your applications, can only handle database sizes that fit in memory, and is, amazingly, 2x slower than Oracle In-Memory on SAP's own benchmarks.

Why Risk Disrupting Your Business with SAP HANA?

Oracle Database In-Memory is 100 percent compatible with all existing applications, therefore there is no need to rewrite your application to take advantage of it. No complexity, no compromises, no risks. Modern in-memory technology that simply and seamlessly works with your business—not the other way around. In contrast, with SAP HANA, the application will need to be rewritten, spending precious resources, time, and budget.

Get Analytics 2x Faster Than with SAP HANA

Oracle Database In-Memory implements state-of-the-art technology to accelerate analytics by orders of magnitude to allow users to get immediate answers to business questions that previously took hours. This same Oracle in-memory technology is proven to speed up SAP applications 2x faster than SAP HANA on SAP's own benchmarks.

Read the Benchmark white paper*

More Cost Effective In-Memory Than SAP HANA

Oracle Database In-Memory does not mandate that all data fit in memory. Frequently accessed data can be kept In-Memory while less active data is kept on much lower-cost flash and disk, providing even more cost savings.

The Gold Standard Database for Your Enterprise

Building on decades of innovation, Oracle Database offers a proven platform with integrated high availability and data protection to deliver a reliable, secure, "always-on" business operation you can count on. Does SAP HANA offer the same high availability capabilities? Read more.

Breakthrough Transaction Processing Performance

Oracle has been an active leader in publishing benchmarks on transaction processing performance as measured by SAP's own standard application benchmarks (SAP Standard Application Benchmarks). Oracle Database In-Memory now enables real-time analytics on live transactional data. With Oracle, performance optimizations are built in for both transactions and analytics, unlike HANA, which optimizes your database for analytics at the cost of slowing down transactions. Where is the benchmark demonstrating HANA transaction processing performance running the SAP standard application benchmarks on HANA?

Benchmark Details

The SAP BW Enhanced Mixed Load Benchmark (BW-EML Benchmark) was designed by SAP to measure the current demands of typical business warehouse customers using a combination of real-time report data loads and ad hoc queries. Oracle performed an SAP BW-EML Benchmark and has documented its findings in a white paper that provides the results achieved by using Oracle Database 12c as well as a description of the unique database technology used to achieve these results.

* Results not certified or endorsed by SAP

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