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Oracle License Management Services—Tooling

Verified Vendor Tools
Tooling Options for Every Scenario

Powering Your Insights

As part of our strategic commitment to helping each customer conduct a detailed evaluation of their current deployed Oracle estate, Oracle License Management Services (LMS) maintains a three-pronged approach to tooling.

In-House Tools

Oracle LMS continues to develop our own in-house tools that will help identify where products are being deployed and used.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle is constantly expanding capabilities within its technology stack, specifically Oracle Enterprise Manager, for capturing usage and installation information. Note: Use of Enterprise Manager may incur additional costs, check the Oracle Price List.

Vendor Tools

Oracle LMS works with third-party tool vendors to enable them to accurately capture usage data relating to Oracle products.

Analysis and Technical Tools

During an audit process, Oracle LMS can deploy a range of tools to gather usage data on a customer's Oracle estate. Typically, we'll first work collaboratively with them to define the option best-suited to their specific environment, utilizing a range of capabilities and tools that include

  • Standalone scripts—product-specific measurement options that provide a simple, nonintrusive way to extract data
  • Oracle LMS Collection Tool—detects and collects usage data
  • Oracle Server Worksheet—a declaration of all of the Oracle products customers have installed in their company
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager—robust discovery and measurement capabilities across multiple Oracle product

Verified Third-Party Tool Vendors

Tools from the following vendors have been verified to provide data sets that Oracle will accept whenever accurate measurement data is needed. It's important to note that the scope of the verification process only covers the data collection related to the installation and usage of specific Oracle products. See below.

The verification does not include any other Oracle products or the overall capabilities of the vendor’s solution.

Oracle will accept data from any of these tools as an alternative to installing Oracle measurement tools. Please note that the installation and usage of a tool from a verified vendor does not replace an Oracle License Audit or revoke Oracle's contractual right to perform one. Usage data gathered from these tools will still need to be analyzed by Oracle to assess license needs and provide the customer with a compliance statement.

Vendors Verified for Oracle Database and Database Options

*Contact vendor regarding general availability date of the verified features and functionality.

Vendors Verified for Oracle Database, Database Options & Oracle Fusion Middleware

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