Oracle Billable Subcontract Services Information

Billable Subcontract Services are when Oracle engages Service Providers (Supplier) to provide Resources to perform services for an Oracle Entity or on behalf of the Oracle Entity for an Oracle customer/client.

This page includes the following information to for Billable Subcontract Services Suppliers and Resources:

Oracle Time With Projects and Contractors Expenses Entry Instructions for Resources

Oracle Time With Projects Entry and Contractors Expenses

Time With Projects Entry (PDF)

Contractors Expense Entry (PDF), and see the Supplier Travel and Expense Policy for Billable Subcontractors (PDF)

Important Information

  • Enter labor and expenses into the Cloud application within 15 days from the week ending date worked to avoid nonpayment of invoice.
  • Enter time and expense before the close of business for the location (local time) on Friday.
  • If a Supplier resource is working on an Oracle project with a fixed price contract, enter the time into the Cloud Application only if required in the Statement of Work (SOW).
    • Typically, a SOW based on deliverables or milestones does not require time entry, however is some scenarios the SOW indicates that time entry is required. If unsure, discuss with your Supplier.

Supplier Management

The Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud is Oracle’s Supplier management system. The portal provides Suppliers with access to a secure, integrated site with full visibility into the Supplier’s company profile.

Using the portal, Suppliers can do the following:

  • Manage and initiate profile changes, including addresses, bank accounts, contacts, business classifications, products and services.
  • Request access to view your purchase orders.
  • Monitor the status of your invoices.
  • View the payment information.

In addition, Oracle accepts electronic invoices through several methods, and it some countries it is required as stated in the Statement of Work (SOW). In supported countries, Suppliers can request access to create invoices in the Portal. Determine what is required and electronic invoicing options at Electronic Invoicing at Oracle.

Note: Suppliers are not able to create invoices during month end close. The news feed on the main page the Portal indicates that the functionality is not available and indicates when it will be available again.

Supplier Work at Risk (WAR) Notice

All subcontract services performed by a Supplier, and payment of fees by Oracle to Supplier related thereto, are subject to the terms of Oracle subcontract agreements, which must be executed by Oracle and the Supplier prior to the commencement of the applicable services. For Oracle Billable Subcontract Services, these Oracle subcontract agreements consist of the Oracle Service Provider Agreement (SPA), Oracle Supplier Data Processing Agreement (SDPA), and related Statement of Work(s) and ancillary documents, or such other subcontract agreements as may be mutually agreed to by the parties prior to the performance of the subcontract services. The following represent the current versions of the SPA and SDPA: