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Oracle Customer Success—B Logistics

B Logistics

B Logistics Improves Critical System Performance by 50%, Reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 10%


With Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle GoldenGate, backed up with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, we improved the performance of our critical systems by 50%. We now have a reliable, powerful, and flexible infrastructure to help build our freight and logistics services over the coming years.

— Patrick Van den Branden, Head of ICT Infrastructure, B Logistics

Formed in 2011 following the privatization of the Belgian state-owned railway, B Logistics is an, autonomous, private rail operator. The company offers reliable rail transport and logistics solutions, operating block trains for conventional and intermodal loads and providing single wagon load transport throughout Europe. B Logistics transports a wide range of goods from raw materials, chemicals, and semi-finished products to industrial and consumer goods. The company aims to realize the modal shift towards rail.

B Logistics wanted to control its own IT services and decided to bring its infrastructure, key applications, and disaster recovery in-house. After careful consideration, B Logistics chose Oracle SuperCluster together with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle GoldenGate for their combined performance, reliability, flexibility and scalability. The company undertook a proof of concept with test data and saw 40% performance improvements straight away. Following further tuning, performance improved in total by 50%.

B Logistics chose Oracle ZFS Storage to host backups which are synchronized to another Oracle ZFS Storage located in a remote data center. Oracle GoldenGate is also used to synchronize between B Logistics’ two data centers in both directions to offer full disaster recovery. In addition, B Logistics expects to use Oracle GoldenGate’s functionality to sync non-Oracle products in the future.

Oracle Platinum Services, provided with Oracle SuperCluster, looks after all necessary patching and upgrading, and delivers a high level of reassurance. With the support of Oracle Platinum Services, B Logistics is able to run the whole system with just two people. Once in full production, B Logistics expects to reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO) by 10%. Coupled with vastly improved performance, availability, reliability and scalability, the organization is well placed to grow and expand its services over the coming years.


We chose Oracle SuperCluster and ZFS Storage Appliance over IBM and Microsoft for Oracle’s performance, scalability, high availability, and reliability for our business critical systems. We expect to reduce our total cost of ownership by 10%. Oracle was flexible, provided great support and value, and delivered on time.

— Patrick Van den Branden, Head of ICT Infrastructure, B Logistics


Following the successful proof of concept, B Logistics placed the order and quickly received the two Oracle SuperClusters at its data centers. Oracle Advanced Customer Support assisted with the initial installation, configuration, and re-racking for the Oracle SuperClusters. Oracle Consulting provided advice and help with clustering, zones and the Oracle GoldenGate set-up. The level of knowledge transfer from Oracle to B Logistics during the set-up phase was hugely beneficial and will enable the B Logistics team to manage its own systems in the future. B Logistics expects to be fully operational with the new systems within six months.

“We used Oracle GoldenGate during the data migration to reduce downtime to almost zero. The company needed to transfer two business critical applications running on Oracle Database—its cargo information system and its track and trace system. It was essential that downtime be kept to a minimum because when freight documents are not generated, trains cannot depart,” said Koen Stevens, project leader ICT, B Logistics.

About B Logistics


Brussels, Belgium



Annual Revenue

$500 Million to $1 Billion
Published:  Mar 15, 2016