Oracle XML DB XML Developers Kit

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Oracle XML Developer Kit (XDK) is a set of components, tools and utilities in Java, C, and C++ bundled with Oracle Database 12c that eases the task of building and deploying XML-enabled applications with a commercial redistribution license.

Unlike many shareware and trial XML components, Oracle XDK provides high performance XML support that has been proven in demanding enterprise production environments. Oracle XDK has also been integrated in numerous Oracle product including Oracle SOA, Oracle JDeveloper/ADF, Oracle XML DB and Oracle BI Publisher.

Supported Oracle XDK components

  • XML Parsers: create and parse XML using DOM (including 3.0), SAX and JAXP 1.3 interfaces. Directly access XMLType in the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 with unified C DOM interfaces.
  • XSLT Processors: transform or render XML. Now with XSLT 2.0 Java support. XSLT VM: and Compiler provides high performance C XSLT transformation engine using compiled stylesheets.
  • XSLT VM: Sentence description.
  • XML Schema Processors: supports XML schema validation Now includes validation interfaces for stream-based processing.
  • XML Java Beans: parse, transform, diff, retrieve and compress XML documents via Java components.
  • XML Class Generator: Now supporting JAXB, automatically generates classes from DTDs and XML schemas to send XML from Web forms or applications.
  • XML SQL Utility: generates XML documents, DTDs and XML schemas from SQL queries in Java and inserts XML documents into Oracle databases.
  • XSQL Servlet: combines XML, SQL, and XSLT in the server to deliver dynamic web content and build sophisticated database-backed web sites and services.
  • XML Pipeline Processor: invokes Java processes through XML control files.
  • TransX Utility: makes it easier to load globalized seed data and messages into Oracle databases.