Tomorrow’s Blockchain Apps, Today

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud revolutionize what’s possible. Get faster business outcomes using leading-edge, prebuilt blockchain applications that enable you to easily conduct and verify transactions across an entire blockchain business network.


Blockchain Apps from Oracle

Oracle is the first company to create easy-to-use SaaS-based blockchain apps for improving your business with blockchain trust, security, and consensus.

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud are purpose-built SaaS-based business applications that are ready to use so you can improve business processes all across the value chain: improve and verify product quality, speed product delivery, execute contracts easily, and improve customer satisfaction. Easily produce better business outcomes, using Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud.

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Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud Features

Avoid a complex blockchain development cycle.

  • Simply configure cloud-based blockchain apps to enable business users to meet today’s business needs. No coding required.
  • Solve business issues—such as recalls, disputes, counterfeit, fraud, and regulatory compliance—more quickly with root-cause analysis and end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Automate inefficient manual processes and easily execute contracts.
  • Gain multitier visibility and traceability across your supply chain, product genealogy, and provenance.
  • Easily record nonreputable, authenticated transactions in decentralized ledgers for more trusted business processes.
  • Gain intelligence and create recommendations to optimize and perform remediation across the broader business network.

Ready to Use

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud

Easily augment your existing business processes and apps for better visibility, traceability, and compliance. No need to modify existing business processes or replace existing applications.

  • Work seamlessly with existing Oracle and non-Oracle SCM, ERP, human capital management (HCM), CX, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
  • Save time by using prebuilt workflows with standard business documents such as purchase orders, sales orders, shipment notices, work orders, service records, and equipment readings.
  • Easily define smart contracts and rules. Make additions as required.
  • Inform your business network by leveraging IoT connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to bring reliable intelligence from physical assets via sensors.
  • Simply and consistently onboard trading partners to create a business network.
  • Easily connect to cloud, on premises, Oracle, and other third-party applications.
  • Reduce risk with blockchain operations, managed by Oracle.

Faster Results, Today

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud

Informed by blockchain transactions, AI, machine learning, and IoT, prebuilt industry-specific dashboards show real-time results, analytics, and alerts from across your business network.

  • Produce and verify higher-quality products with faster shipments to your customers.
  • Accelerate time to market and time to value to weeks instead of months.
  • Gain greater transparency and trust among partners with appropriately endorsed transactions with visibility into suppliers, carriers, distributors, manufacturers, producers, and other business partners.
  • Gain access to transformative technologies such as IoT, AI, and machine learning faster and with less risk.
  • Empower and augment your business and industry processes quickly.

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud Can Transform Industries

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud
1. Intelligent Track and Trace
  • Provides a complete track-and-trace solution
  • Monitors the movement of assets or goods
  • Creates a digital paper trail of each step in manufacturing, each leg of a transportation process, and each event throughout the supply/value chain
  • Creates transparency with prebuilt analytics to help manage supply chain operations
2. Lot Lineage and Provenance
  • Verifies the origin and authenticity of a product as it moves throughout the value chain
  • Automatically captures information about all transformations of a product including pedigree, serialization, and genealogy
  • Provides auditable visibility and traceability into product history
3. Intelligent Cold Chain
  • Monitors the condition of goods from the manufacturer all the way to point of sale
  • Improves safety with a full track-and-trace solution for food and pharmaceuticals
  • Delivers reactive and predictive alerts of excursions
  • Provides transparency with an auditable trail of all events
  • Alerts with outbreak-preventative recommendations and root-cause analysis
4. Warranty Usage and Tracking
  • Tracks product usage of high-value assets for rental, warranty, service, and insurance
  • Provides undisputable records for rented/leased product usage tracking
  • Delivers an auditable and verifiable log of product usage for warranty and liability claims
  • Reduces legal liabilities and increases customer satisfaction

One Blockchain Platform for Your Business

Video: Blockchain—The Dawn of High-Trust Computing (2:15)

Only Oracle develops emerging technologies in unison for all your business needs—cross-suite, cross-stack, and now cross-network. It does so using Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud with Oracle Internet of Things apps, AI, and machine learning connected to Oracle’s SaaS suite (ERP, SCM, CX, and HCM)—all running on Oracle Cloud Platform.

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud run on Oracle Blockchain Cloud platform, which is preassembled for secure transaction processing and trusted identity management using an industry-standard Hyperledger Fabric foundation.

Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud connect with Oracle on premises and other third-party applications for faster access with diverse systems of record. Organizations around the world are accelerating time to market and multiplying their returns from using a trusted blockchain platform managed by Oracle.