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Watch a demonstration of how Oracle health products, including Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, Oracle Health EHR, and Oracle Health Care Management, are revolutionizing the healthcare experience.

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Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant

Physicians will have access to a new holistic multimodal voice-first mobile assistant that can help lower documentation time on a computer and enable physicians to have more focused patient interactions. Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant combines clinical automation, note generation, integrated dictation, and proposed actions in a single unified experience. As a personalized assistant to physicians, this solution will come equipped to retrieve information through voice commands, provide pre-visit patient insights, and generate well-structured clinical notes using AI to help accelerate physicians’ workflows. Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is based on the Oracle Digital Assistant platform, uses speech, language, and generative AI capabilities to enhance clinical end user workflows, and is directly integrated into the EHR.

  • Clinical assistance: Physicians will be able to ask questions in natural language to access patient details and perform frequent clinical workflows.
  • Conversation assistance: Using deep learning and generative AI, Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant will capture patient-clinician interaction details and generate structured clinical notes.
  • Dictation assistance: Integrated voice recognition software will help physicians create and append patient notes and edit pre-drafted notes generated from patient encounters.
  • Action assistance: Once Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant creates a note for the physician, it will also facilitate adding additional details, such as problems, diagnoses, or allergies, to the patient’s chart.

Oracle Health EHR: Reimagining the front-office experience

Oracle Health is committed to transforming the healthcare front-office experience by helping reduce administrative burdens, crafting enhanced workflows, and elevating the overall quality of the healthcare experience. We are spearheading this transformative journey with innovative solutions that are built to enhance patient care and efficiency.

Our patient registration and scheduling solution offers guided workflows that streamline patient data collection and appointment scheduling. The solution leverages optical character recognition (OCR) and document understanding technologies to automate data extraction and improve efficiency.

Oracle Health EHR: Improved digital patient engagement solutions

Oracle Health is relentlessly supporting digital patient engagement through digital innovations by creating solutions that help bridge the gap between patients and their healthcare journeys. We are building cutting-edge digital patient engagement solutions—powered by Oracle technologies—that adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape and also empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Our self-registration and self-scheduling solutions give patients the autonomy to complete their registration profile and schedule appointments without the need to call the scheduling staff.

Oracle Health Care Management

Oracle Health Care Management aims to empower patients to better care for their own health with the help of personalized resources and tools, such as care manager support and tailored care plans. Oracle Health Care Management can help achieve higher patient engagement and better adherence to care plans. The solution uses generative AI to create highly personalized, hypercontextual, and empathetic outreach messages by summarizing patient longitudinal health records and social determinants of health. Oracle Health Care Management is a secure and reliable solution that’s readily available for care teams to use in the EHR, patient portal, or anywhere they operate. Generative AI in care management helps reduce the administrative task burden on care managers and allows them to spend more time focusing on their patients. Oracle Health Care Management, when used by care managers across the healthcare industry, can help ultimately improve patient care decisions, with the goal of lowering the likelihood of patient readmission and improving preventive health.

  • Enhances outpatient care management
  • Helps create personalized patient care plans
  • Targets high risk patients
  • Helps improve care decisions
  • Helps foster the long-term relationship between care manager and patient

“Better information is the key to transforming healthcare. Better information will allow public health officials to develop much better public health policy. And better information will fundamentally lower healthcare costs overall.”

Larry Ellison Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle

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