Oracle My Volunteering Datasheet

Key features

Oracle My Volunteering helps you with:

  • Creating and promoting projects: Both HR administrators and employees (with approval) can quickly and easily create volunteer opportunities and promote them throughout the organization.
  • Easy search and sign up: Make volunteer opportunities visible to all employees who can easily search and sign up for ones that interest them.
  • Personalized recommendations: Using a recommendation engine, employees receive personalized volunteer opportunities based on their user profile.
  • Automated tracking: Easy to use tracking enables organizations to document employee participation and hours.
  • Volunteer reporting: Get reports that summarize helpful volunteering metrics for promoting your employer brand.

Key benefits

  • Strengthen the employer brand: Offering a comprehensive volunteer program helps attract new employees and increases the likelihood of current employees staying onboard.
  • Expand employee networks: As employees respond to different volunteer opportunities, they get a chance to meet new co-workers and build a larger internal network.
  • Build employee skills: Community service, especially combined with skills-based volunteering, is an excellent way for employees to develop their professional skills and prepare for future opportunities.
  • Build employee brands: Employees can opt-in to publishing My Volunteer activities and accomplishments to their social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to manage their professional brand.
  • Improve employee well-being: Many employees find that community service contributes to their happiness.

Join the Conversation

Volunteerism taps into a deeply rooted human need to make a difference in the world. Forward thinking organizations understand this need and actively support employee efforts to serve their communities. Oracle My Volunteering helps address employee engagement challenges and strengthen employer brands by making volunteering a seamless experience for the workforce.

Improve engagement

Many organizations are struggling to improve employee engagement and help their workforce better align their personal and professional lives. Cloud solutions can help you create a volunteer program that engages employees who want to give back and participate in community service.

Additionally, Human Resource (HR) professionals recognize that volunteering improves employee communications skills, strengthens accountability and commitment, and helps individuals develop strong character—all traits that organizations identify as leadership “must haves.” Clearly, volunteering creates significant benefits for both the employee and employer.

Connect with a cause, help the community

My Volunteering is a powerful way to boost employee engagement while helping employees serve their communities. It’s an easy to use solution with personalized employee recommendations to increase workforce participation in volunteer activities.

Only Oracle offers Volunteering as part of a single cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, providing a convenient means of promoting volunteer opportunities to employees.

The power of volunteering

My Volunteering helps expand the number of community service projects as both HR administrators and employees can easily post volunteer opportunities. It also increases the organizational awareness of these opportunities as the entire workforce can quickly and easily search for projects that match their interests.

When your organization supports social change, you're building on the passions of your employees and boosting brand loyalty. By leveraging My Volunteering, you are creating a way to make this change a reality.