Oracle ME vs. SAP SuccessFactors

Oracle ME, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, is the only complete employee experience platform, giving business leaders the power to orchestrate tailored experiences from a comprehensive understanding of each employee—empowering talent to connect, grow, and thrive.

Compare SAP SuccessFactors to Oracle ME and see why Oracle is the better choice for you.

Product features
SAP SuccessFactors
Oracle ME

Business benefits

Unified employee experience platform Products such as SAP Qualtrics require integration.1 Unified platform. No integrations needed usually means fewer cybersecurity risks.
Designated HR communication tool General workforce experience tool with some communication features.2 Purpose-built HR tool with a flexible audience builder, visual editor, automated engagement, insights, and more. Personalized communications help build a better employee experience and shape culture.
Native listening tool Acquired tool that was added on a different platform, spun off in an IPO, then sold off completely.3 Listening tool is natively built within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. Natively built solutions use critical data more effectively to help improve employee-manager relations.
Digital assistant with seamless communication Inconsistent history moving between a first digital assistant built on different (S/4HANA) infrastructure, then one in an early adopter program, now another promised to be embedded across the cloud portfolio4, 5, 6 Leading solution with a conversational and contextual support interface across HCM, ERP, and CX with more than 90 functional conversations. Access to the right information helps mobilize the workforce and eliminate the need for complex training.
Quick and consistent help desk More-basic case management functions and submission options.7 Intelligent case management, submissions via digital assistant, SMS, email, and social platforms. Effective case management helps reduce HR calls, increase employee satisfaction, and drive down costs.
Generative AI-powered knowledgebase articles No use of generative AI to author knowledgebase articles.8 Assisted authoring quickly generates HR help desk content for users to review, revise and approve. Answering frequently asked questions with less time and effort streamlines and simplifies day-to-day HR activities.
One solution for collaboration and skills searching Two solutions—one for employee collaboration, another for profiles and talent search.8, 9 One solution with a consumer-grade public profile and powerful search capabilities, helping employees find colleagues, experts, and mentors. Easy access to colleagues’ skills, interests, and experience can enrich workplace relationships and drive collaboration.
Unifying growth solution Limited integrations between different talent and employee experience products, but no fully unifying single experience. 11 Growth solution that unifies learning, skill development, and career mobility in one hyper-personalized experience. When learning, career growth, and talent mobility come together in one place and are connected to individual and business goals, the entire organization can thrive and adapt to change.
Tailored, peer-to-peer recognition More basic rewards and recognition program, but no use of embedded generative AI. 12 Personalized peer-to-peer recognition with a generative AI messaging assistant, active recognition social feed, real-time engagement data, and more, all part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform. To effectively address employee needs and drive engagement and core values, organizations must make peer-to-peer recognition meaningful, timely, and continuous.

Product comparison as of November 2023.

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