Digital Transformation in the Era of Industry 4.0

Today’s discrete manufacturers must extend their production expertise into the digital age. Industry 4.0 will bring profound changes in all areas, including technology, social, economic, and geopolitical. Advances in machine connectedness, advanced analytics, and cloud computing offer the toolset required to support your digital transformation journey.

In an Industry 4.0 world, everything is connected to everything. Everything talks to everything, and advanced analytics and artificial intelligence create autonomous manufacturing capabilities. Industry 4.0 replaces a world of sequential, siloed transactional recording of what happened with a world where data is real time and your operational/informational systems tell you what will happen. New technologies are creating value-chain innovations and forcing market disruptions. Globalization, new manufacturing technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing enable this next industrial revolution, and Oracle’s cloud solutions offer the tools you need.

Industry 4.0 Capabilities



Innovate your product lifecycle management by connecting your customer’s product experiences to your product development and support processes. Integrate critical product usage information, customer and general market sentiment, and quality issues into a continuous feedback loop for product/service innovation.



Monitor every aspect of the production process. Track machine sensor data, contextualize operational data with business events and outcomes, integrate with ERP transactional systems, and gain nonintuitive insights to the causes and effects through machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Support the complete business cycle for the service economy. Utilize remote asset-monitoring capabilities for new revenue generation business models, including enhanced field service automation, product as a service, service/contract management and billing, and enhanced customer experiences.


Enhance and Automate

Enhance and automate every aspect of the value chain with a system that supports new technology services, including blockchain, advanced track and trace, global trade management integration, geotracking assets and deliveries, warehouse automation, and a platform that supports digital connection throughout the enterprise.