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Oracle Retail Industry Solution—Digital Logistics

Digitize Your Logistics Operations for Maximum Performance

In an environment with rising labor and equipment expenses, controlling costs of goods in the retail and consumer goods sectors is a challenge. The modernization of complex machines and processes with digital technologies can be a critical inflection point.

Oracle’s digital logistics solution provides a nimble and scalable solution to manage fleets, schedule services, and obtain real-time updates on location and status of operators and shippers, all while improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Turning data into insights is Oracle’s core strength; we are recognized by Gartner and others for our leadership and innovation. With our digital logistics solution, your company will generate significant improvements across the enterprise.

Key Business Benefits
Key Business Benefits iconKey Business Benefits

You can plan, optimize, monitor, and execute the flow of goods through the supply chain while delivering profitable revenue growth and reduced costs.

  • Provide better situational awareness by tracking cargo condition and location at all times
  • Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent chatbots to handle customer requests more quickly
  • Improve efficiency of operations by providing accurate ETAs
  • Reduce asset loss through tracking vehicle assets and generating alerts on geofenced locations
  • Improve fleet maintenance with proactive, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance alerts
  • Enable faster dispatch with intelligent routing and fleet availability tracking

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