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Empowered Commerce

The modern retail enterprise is powered by adaptive, intelligent solutions to meet even the most challenging digital trends and customer expectations.


Accelerate performance with retail science

Data-driven organizations that leverage purpose-built retail science applications with embedded AI and machine learning are quickly outpacing their competition. How can retailers balance the need for advanced analytics and retail science without incurring the significant overhead of specialized skill sets?


Merchants must work smarter, not harder.

Does this sound familiar? Your team is burning hours wading through multiple reports and spreadsheets with data of questionable quality, trying to hunt down a single source of truth and get the right product to the right place. Retail merchandising teams need intelligent solutions that leverage enterprise insights.


The right product is no longer good enough.

Omnichannel planning and a faster turn on assortments is essential to competing for and converting customer traffic. But wasting time aggregating and analyzing data is no longer an option. Retail buyers need predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive optimized assortments across channels without the overhead of on-staff data scientists.


One forecast to rule them all.

Anticipating demand for new products is tricky. Oracle Retail’s supply chain products empower retailers to automate data management and cleansing, apply best-fit forecasting methods, and leverage adaptive intelligence. So they can adjust forecasts to correct for out-of-stocks, seasonality and recent trends, and build forecasts for products with no historic data.


Earn the right to be remembered.

In an era of GDPR and heighted concern about personal data protection worldwide, retailers need seamless integration across ecommerce, stores, customer relationships, order fulfillment, and loss-prevention systems to effectively create targeted offers for anonymous shoppers.

Modern Retail Is Adaptive and Intelligent

Retail Home: Oracle Retail’s digital address for app dashboards, analytics, and predictive recommendations. (2:30)

Social Advocacy: Turn your brand champions into sales with a single view of customer, social engagement, and sales. (2:37)

Retail Science: Adaptive, intelligent applications from Oracle Retail help retailers drive trend adoption and brand affinity. (2:08)

Oracle Retail Reference Library

Accelerate your implementation, speed time to market, and derive maximum value from your investments. The Oracle Retail Reference Library provides retail IT and business teams with process models, architecture models, and retail-term definitions based on best practices from more than 5,000 global retailers. This invaluable change-management resource is available for free to Oracle Retail customers and partners.

Purpose-Built Solutions

Oracle provides retailers with open, integrated, and best-of-breed business applications, cloud services, and hardware that are engineered to work together and empower commerce. Leading fashion, grocery, hardlines, and specialty retailers use Oracle solutions to anticipate market changes, simplify operations, and inspire authentic brand interactions.


Create a foundation to innovate and inspire brand loyalists by differentiating assortment, brand, marketing, and service.


Capitalize on opportunities for growth by expanding private labels, optimizing inventory, creating innovative formats, increasing gross margins, and driving customer engagement.


Deliver value and create targeted offers that cultivate loyalty by optimizing operations to profitably fulfill demand while keeping assortment, placement, pricing, promotions, and lifecycle management consistent across brands.

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