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Intelligent, Personalized Experiences Increase Conversions

B2B buyers expect marketing messaging to be relevant to who they are and where they are in the decision cycle as they navigate the customer journey. Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to create dynamic campaigns that intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience based on a buyer’s real-time activities.

Create Sophisticated Cross-Channel Campaigns in Minutes

    • Graphical and Visual. Simple drag and drop functionality allows for mapping how audiences flow from one engagement to the next across paid, owned, and earned channels.
    • Built for Marketers. Create automated and adaptive campaigns without any IT or technical resources.
Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas screenshot

Dynamic Messaging Basis Buyer’s Interests & Behavior

  • Change Made Easy. Effortlessly pause a campaign to update a segment, add or change a decision step, insert a new email or other content asset, and even trigger a new action.
  • Dynamic. Campaigns aggregate activity and interaction data across multiple channels to help better assess a buyer’s level of interest and digital body language.
Oracle Eloqua Campaign Optimization screenshot

Speak to Specific Audiences

  • Unify Data. Access data from profiles, web visits, emails, form submits, webinars, and videos as well as other external activities.
  • Personalize and Segment. Segment audiences based on profile or behavioral data in order to provide a more unique experience for buyers.
Speak to Specific Audiences screenshot

Increase Conversions and Marketing Efficiency with Oracle Eloqua

Marketers can easily get lost in the complexity of campaign creation. With Oracle Eloqua marketers are empowered to create dynamic customer journeys that flow and change with a buyer’s interests.

  • An intuitive digital whiteboard simplifies the campaign creation process by helping marketers envision each step in the experience to ensure they are touching each audience member at the right time, with the right message.
  • A simple, yet sophisticated approach makes it faster and easier to deploy adaptive campaigns that will drive sales opportunities and propel revenue.
  • Best in class lead and campaign management tools while providing real-time reporting insights.
lead scoring
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