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Identify B2B Campaigns and Audiences That Drive Revenue

Oracle Eloqua can create rich customer profiles that target the right individuals at the right time with the most relevant information. Additionally, business can unite disparate data across online and offline data from multiple channels to a central location—while allowing marketers to strategically filter and to create granular audience segments based on attributes, behavior, geography, and more.

Make the Most of your Customer Data

    • Personalize Campaigns. Translate customer data into tailored experiences.
    • Understand Buyer Sentiment. Track customer behavior, sentiment and preferences across channels.
    • Real-time Insights. Listen for buyer triggers and react in real time.
Oracle Eloqua Profiler screenshot

Combine Data From Multiple Channels

  • Aggregate Offline and Online Data. Access external data sources to expand the amount of customer interactions you can target against.
  • Engage Customers Across Channels. Collect all data from customers, regardless of engagement activity.
  • Identify Unknown Profiles. Integrate with Oracle Data Cloud to convert unknown customers to known.
Oracle Eloqua Unites Disparate Data screenshot

Use Attributes and Behaviors to Define Audiences

  • Drive ROI. Refine audience segments to drive ROI.
  • Automate Opportunity Identification. Increase upsell and cross-sell success with customer filters based on purchase history and engagement.
  • Gain a Granular Perspective. Incorporate custom objects into segmentation to build the audiences.
Oracle Eloqua - Filter Audiences screenshot

Comprehensive Targeting & Segmentation Drives ROI

You don’t have to sacrifice sophistication for simplicity:

  • Leverage rich profile data throughout the sales cycle. Aggregate profile data in one central, easily accessible location for marketing and sales.
  • Collect the most granular customer profile and behavioral data. Understand behaviors, preferences and sentiments to personalize the customer journey.
  • Create the most highly refined audience segments to drive ROI. Build segments against audience data in the most comprehensive and secure fashion.
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