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Oracle Java SE Embedded

The World’s Most Robust and Best-Performing Platform for Embedded Systems

A vital language that offers industry-best reliability, performance, throughput, security, and cross-platform support.

  • Java Threading APIs easily enable parallelization of activities.

  • Java Embedded is optimized for resource-constrained environments.

  • Java SE for Embedded Devices is being deployed to collect consumption data over power lines and route this data to a central office.

  • Java SE is used in a range of embedded systems, including intelligent routers and switches, high-end printers, military defense systems, and RFID readers.



  • Complete with support for serious graphics, security, XML, networking, and more
  • Java’s write once, run anywhere is powerful for the diverse embedded space
  • Configuration options enable deployment-specific tuning and optimal performance
  • Proven development and deployment support and engineering services


  • Enables developers to be more productive
  • Provides a robust, secure environment
  • Enables portability and delivers high performance
  • Offers widespread community support
  • Backed by large ecosystem of Java tools, code, and applications, and a solid base of trained developers

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