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Java Card Technology

Learn More : Java Card and IOT

Java Card and IOT

To support the growing security needs of connected devices, Java Card now includes dedicated features for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) Security applications at the edge of the network:

  • Java Card Platform version 3.1 introduced a new I/O model that can be extended to support a variety of physical layers and application protocols, allowing the logical access to device peripherals by secure element applications.
  • Certificate APIs, Extended Cryptography support and anti-replay mechanisms facilitate the implementation of Cloud Authentication protocols using secure hardware, the support for device to cloud communication security and the deployment of device attestation mechanisms.

Continuous improvement in compatibility testing and standardisation of Java APIs ensure that Java Card applications can be quickly ported and work across a fragmented IoT Silicon landscape.

IOT Use Cases

In addition to existing applications of Java Card in smart metering, automotive, and wearables, dedicated IoT functionality in Java Card 3.1 unlocks a wealth of new use cases for IoT devices.

  • Virtualized SIM : the latest ETSI, 3GPP and GMSA standards allow for the SIM application to be abstracted from the underlying tamper-resistant hardware, and offer a choice of form factor and supplier. Java Card facilitates porting of the SIM application and operator services onto a wide range of chip architectures, at lower cost.
  • Device attestation : a Java Card secure element in an IoT device can support multiple proprietary or standard secure boot and device attestation mechanisms without a requiring dedicated security chip. This allows a single secure chip to be used in multiple attestation ecosystem, and ensures compatibility with future standards.
  • Cloud security : Java Card can provide hardware-based device security services across multiple IoT solution vendors, with low switching costs. Authentication schemes from multiple IoT solution or cloud providers can be consolidated on a single chip.
  • Trusted Peripherals : Java Card can secure the “last yard” between devices, gateways and attached peripherals, enabling trust and exchange of sensitive data at the very edge. A secure channel can be established between peripherals and security chips, to allow out of band communication for sensitive data (for example biometric information, or provisioning of root of trust credentials).

Many more use cases are being designed, as implementers and developers of Java Card technology are driving Java Card based products into IoT solutions.

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