Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Oracle's Java Embedded Suite provides value-added services for embedded devices and helps customers achieve faster time to market using proven middleware components with their existing Java skill sets.

Java Embedded Suite

The expected accelerated growth of the “Internet of Things” in industries such as home networking, medical devices, energy grid management, industrial automation, M2M and wireless devices is also increasing demand for collecting and managing data and data traffic from numerous embedded devices. The Oracle Java Embedded Suite allows customers to aggregate, store and transmit data securely to and from these resource constrained devices and helps ensure timely and low cost data concentration for M2M or M2M-like systems. The Oracle Java Embedded Suite will decrease time to market while retaining tight control on development, production and support costs. The Oracle Java Embedded Suite adds database, RESTful web services, servlet facilities, and Java EE technology to Oracle Java SE Embedded.

  • Java SE Embedded 8 - Java's state-of-the-art platform optimized for a spectrum of embedded devices
  • Java Data Base (Java DB) - Oracle's complete multi-user relational database engine ideal for memory constrained devices
  • GlassFish for Embedded Suite - a subset of the GlassFish Web profile (based on Java Enterprise technology)
  • Jersey Web Services Framework - a robust framework for implementing RESTful Web Services

Oracle Java SE Embedded

Oracle Java SE Embedded is a large subset of the desktop standard Java SE. Graphical interfaces, such as Swing and AWT are not provided so that memory usage is consistent with the needs of mid-size headless embedded devices. In addition, Java SE for Embedded Devices benefits from many space optimizations, while maintaining API compatibility with Java SE. The secure execution environment, automatic garbage collection, and other familiar Java virtual machine benefits are all provided for embedded applications.

Because of Java SE and SE Embedded compatibility, and the fact that all Oracle Java Embedded Suite components are 100% Java code, developing embedded applications is considerably simpler than in languages such as C. Familiar Java development tools, such as the NetBeans integrated development environment, can be used. No cross-development tools are necessary, and there is no question of toolchain compatibility. Application bytecodes compiled on a desktop system run identically (except for speed) when copied to a target device.

Java DB

Java DB is a relational database accessed via SQL over JDBC. The Java DB edition included in Oracle Java Embedded Suite has been optimized for embedded applications by removing unneeded features such as the network client and server. For embedded applications, Java DB embeds in the application as a library.

GlassFish for Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Oracle Java Embedded Suite includes a small-footprint version of the GlassFish application server. It supports the Servlet 3.0 API and deployment of web applications and web services packaged in war files for ease of development. The GlassFish application server is packaged as a library that the virtual machine loads with an embedded application.

Jersey RESTful Web Services

Jersey is Oracle’s implementation of JAX-RS (JSR 311), which is the Java API for RESTful web services. Jersey also includes additional features such as a proprietary RESTful client API. The small footprint lightweight HTTP server included in Java SE for Embedded Devices can host simple RESTful web services. Full-featured RESTful services can be hosted on the Glassfish container.

Optional Component

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded is a solution for building embedded device applications to filter, correlate and process events in real-time so that downstream applications, services and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence. Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded enables designing, defining, development and implementing event processing applications that not only meet embedded device requirements but perform to the highest levels of today’s intelligent systems. Based on the Oracle Event Driven Server technology, Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded provides an optimized low memory and disk footprint version of the enterprise edition Oracle Event Processing platform. It is built on industry-standards including Java, ANSI SQL and OSGi™. With a powerful Java development tooling, Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded ensures that your development team can be developing event-driven applications on the edge without the hurdle of specialized training or unique skill-set investment. View the OEP Data Sheet (PDF) and download OEP here.