Oracle Java SE Embedded enables you to develop highly functional, reliable, and portable applications for today's most powerful embedded systems. The flexibility of the Java Platform coupled with and established developer base enables you to develop secure, innovative products while achieving enhanced cost savings and time to market advantage. A vital platform that offers industry-leading reliability, performance, throughput, security, and cross-platform support.


JDK 8 is the final major Oracle Java SE Embedded Product

Oracle Java SE 8 Embedded is the final major release of the Oracle Java SE Embedded product. Starting with JDK 9, Oracle doesn't plan to offer a separate Java SE Embedded product download. Java SE 8 Embedded is now on restricted availability intended for existing embedded support customers only.

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HardFP ABI Support: Starting with Java SE Embedded 7u40, in addition to SoftFP ABI, Java SE Embedded now also offers support for HardFP ABI. Separate binaries will be available for download for SoftFP ABI and HardFP ABI. The choice of what binary to use depends on the hardware and operating system configurations supported by the target platform. Watch the video below for more information.

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Java SE Embedded

1. The Best Programming Language on the Planet A vital language that offers industry-best reliability, performance, throughput, security, and cross-platform support.
2. Rich Java SE Environment Java SE comes complete with support for serious graphics, security, XML, and networking as well as just-in-time compilation, templates, and much, much more.
3. Faster Development Developers can use NetBeans, Oracle's award winning -- and free -- extensible IDE, for rapid team-based prototyping and development.
4. Multi-Platform Support Java's model of write once, run anywhere is very powerful for the diverse embedded space -- code here, run there. Avoid hardware platform/vendor lock-in.
5. Flexibility and Choice SE supports full-graphics support or headless mode. There are also many configuration options to enable deployment-specific tuning and optimal performance.
6. Complete Offering Oracle offers the best implementation of Java as well as proven development and deployment support and engineering services to ensure your success.
7. Binary or Source Product Let our experts provide a compliant, tuned, tested binary - or do it yourself. Either way we can help.
8. Leading Experts You know your environment better than anyone. We know Java better than anyone. Let us help you design, tune, and configure your solution for best results.
9. Affordable Pricing Innovative business models and pricing bring Java SE to your solution -- after you ship. Development is free!
10. From Oracle We are widely known as the best IT infrastructure innovators and the inventor and/or key driver of technologies such as TCP/IP, ethernet, Solaris, Java, SPARC, XML, and much more. Who else should you trust?


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