Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_14 (6u14)

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_14-b08 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u14.

OlsonData 2009g

6u14 contains Olson time zone data version 2009g. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software .

Security Baseline

6u14 specifies the following security baselines for use with Java Plug-in technology:

JRE Family Version Java SE Security Baseline Java SE for Business Security Baseline
5.0 1.5.0_18 1.5.0_18
1.4.2 1.4.2_19 1.4.2_20

On October 30, 2008, Java SE 1.4.2 reached its end of service life with the release of 1.4.2_19. Future revisions of Java SE 1.4.2 (1.4.2_20 and above) include the Access Only option and are available to Java SE for Business subscribers.

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

Additional Supported System Configurations

For 6u14, support has been added for the following system configurations:

  • Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Windows Vista with SP2

Refer to the Supported System Configurations page.

Service Tag Support

Service Tag support on Solaris and Linux was added in version 1.6.0_04. JRE 1.6.0_14 extends Service Tag support to Windows. If Service Tag software has been installed on a system where JRE 1.6.0_14 is being installed, a unique service tag is automatically created for that particular JRE instance. There is no change in the JDK/JRE installation instruction, and there is no change in the Java runtime.

Blacklist Jar Feature

Support for blacklisting signed jar files has been added to 6u14. A blacklist is a list of signed jars that contain serious security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by untrusted applets or applications. A system-wide blacklist will be distributed with each JRE release. Java Plugin and Web Start will consult this blacklist and refuse to load any class or resource contained in a jar file that's on the blacklist. By default, blacklist checking is enabled. The deployment.security.blacklist.check deployment configuration property can be used to toggle this behavior.

The blacklist entries are the union of the blacklist files pointed to by the deployment.system.security.blacklist and deployment.user.security.blacklist properties. By default, deployment.system.security.blacklist points to the blacklist file in the jre/lib/security directory, and deployment.user.security.blacklist points to a blacklist file that contains additional entries added by a user.

The blacklist is a text file with the following format:

attribute : value

Each jar file on the blacklist is identified by the x-Digest-Manifest attribute where x is the name of the MessageDigest algorithm, and the value is the base64 encoded hash value of the Manifest. Comments are denoted by lines starting with the # (number) symbol.

Here is an example:

# Buggy Utilities, version 1.0
SHA1-Digest-Manifest : QONXbQg+EtNOguIOAgpUUOadhv8=
# Malware Inc., version 99.99
SHA-256-Digest-Manifest : SewaudBCZ3iXt1KX0BeFHpQiiM1xYLtvLw3Ow2RJfcs=

Java HotSpot VM 14.0

6u14 includes version 14.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine, which provides improved reliability, serviceability and performance.

Contributing to increased performance in this release are numerous enhancements to HotSpot's optimizing compiler, more efficient SoftReference processing and improvements to Parallel Compacting garbage collection. Optionally available are two new features - escape analysis and compressed object pointers. A preliminary version of the new Garbage First (G1) garbage collector is also included.

  • Optimization Using Escape Analysis

    The -XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis option directs HotSpot to look for objects that are created and referenced by a single thread within the scope of a method compilation. Allocation is omitted for such non-escaping objects, and their fields are treated as local variables, often residing in machine registers. Synchronization on non-escaping objects is also elided.

  • Compressed Object Pointers

    The -XX:+UseCompressedOops option can improve performance of the 64-bit JRE when the Java object heap is less than 32 gigabytes in size. In this case, HotSpot compresses object references to 32 bits, reducing the amount of data that it must process.

  • Garbage First (G1) Garbage Collector

    Garbage First, or G1, is a low pause, server style collector. G1's primary advantages over the Concurrent Mark-Sweep (CMS) collector include incremental compaction, better predictability and ease of use.

    G1 is available as early access in this release, please try it and give us feedback. Usage in production settings without a Java SE for Business support contract is not recommended.

    To try G1, specify these command line options:

    -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC

    In addition, the following options can be used to affect G1's behaviour:

    • To set the max GC pause time goal in milliseconds that G1 will attempt to meet: -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=<X>
    • To set the time interval over which GC pauses totaling up to MaxGCPauseMillis may take place: -XX:GCPauseIntervalMillis=<X>

Improvement TreeMap Iteration

6u14 includes an experimental implementation of java.util.TreeMap that can improve the performance of applications that iterate over TreeMaps very frequently. This implementation is used when running with the -XX:+AggressiveOpts option.

JAX WS 2.1.6 and JAXB 2.1.10

JAX-WS 2.1.6 and JAXB 2.1.10 are integrated into JDK 6u14.

Refer also to CR 6803688.


6u14 contains the new version of Java DB.

Java VisualVM Updates

6u14 contains the following updates to Java VisualVM:

  • CPU usage and GC activity graph in the Monitor tab
  • Table view in the Threads tab
  • Command line options: --openpid, --openjmx, --openfile
  • Compare Memory Snapshots action in the context menu
  • Copy To Clipboard / Save To File buttons in the About dialog
  • Monitoring IBM JVM via JMX connection
  • Based on NetBeans Platform 6.5 and NetBeans Profiler 6.5
  • Faster computation of references, and improved readability of path to GC root in HeapWalker
  • Improved integration of the Visual GC tool

Click for a list of Java VisualVM bug fixes related to this release.

Debug Issue

Java ™ Virtual Machine Tool Interface (JVM TI) breakpoints are reliable only when either the Parallel Scavenge garbage collector ( -XX:+UseParallelGC) or the Parallel Compacting garbage collector ( -XX:+UseParallelOldGC) is used.

When other collectors are used, breakpoints may stop functioning, and JVM TI object tags may become unusable after a full GC operation is performed. Java ™ Debug Interface (JDI) ThreadReferences have an embedded thread ID that depends on JVM TI object tags, thus the embedded thread ID may change unexpectedly. This may cause confusion in thread based JDI events.

Note that the Serial garbage collector ( -XX:+UseSerialGC) is vulnerable to this problem and is selected by default on some platforms. The work around is to explicitly select the Parallel Scavenge collector using the command line option -XX:+UseParallelGC.

(Refer to 6862295.)

Issue with JDK Silent Installation

Prior to 6u14, the JDK installer was never fully supported silently. One of the side effects of silent JDK installation is that it does not install the public JRE. It used to cache/install a jre.msi file. Apparently some users have been using the jre.msi without our documentation or approval. As of 6u14, we no longer cache the file.

As a workaround to the JDK not installing the public JRE when in silent mode, we recommend also bundling up and launching the stand-alone JRE installer from the JSC download site.

We intend to provide full silent JDK installer support in 6u15, under the following CR: 6845077 - silent JDK should install JRE/Java DB silently

Possible Issue for Java Web Start Applications

In 6u14 Java Web Start, if you specify an insecure Java system property in a sandbox JNLP file, Java Web Start fails to launch and notifies that JARs in the sandbox JNLP file are not signed.

A workaround is to remove the insecure property (which was ignored by all previous versions of Java Web Start). Refer to CR 6845294

Bug Fixes

This feature release does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to its previous release, Java SE 6 Update 13. Users who have Java SE 6 Update 13 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6459804 hotspot compiler1 Want client (c1) compiler for x86_64 (amd64) for faster start-up
6498878 hotspot compiler1 client compiler crashes on windows when dealing with breakpoint instructions
6384206 hotspot compiler2 Phis which are later unneeded are impairing our ability to inline based on static types
6462850 hotspot compiler2 generate biased locking code in C2 ideal graph
6480694 hotspot compiler2 Add G1 support in C2
6480696 hotspot compiler2 Add G1 support on x86
6480697 hotspot compiler2 Add G1 support for amd64/emt64 platforms
6532536 hotspot compiler2 Optimize arraycopy stubs for Intel cpus
6604014 hotspot compiler2 add support for ideal graph visualizer
6614330 hotspot compiler2 Node::dump(n) does not print full node's graph for specified depth.
6621084 hotspot compiler2 ciMethodBlocks::split_block_at is broken for methods with exception handler
6621094 hotspot compiler2 PrintOptoAssembly is broken for oops information in DebugInfo
6621098 hotspot compiler2 "* HeapWordSize" for TrackedInitializationLimit is missing in set_output_for_allocation()
6625997 hotspot compiler2 CastPP, CheckCastPP and Proj nodes are not dead loop safe
6633953 hotspot compiler2 type2aelembytes[T_ADDRESS] should be 8 bytes in 64 bit VM
6646019 hotspot compiler2 array subscript expressions become top() with -d64
6646020 hotspot compiler2 assert(in_bb(n),"must be in block") in -Xcomp mode
6649622 hotspot compiler2 HotSpot Biased locking needs tuning on latest CPUs
6650373 hotspot compiler2 Assert in methodOopDesc::make_adapters().
6653858 hotspot compiler2 dynamic languages need to be able to load anonymous classes
6662967 hotspot compiler2 Optimize I2D conversion on x86
6663848 hotspot compiler2 assert(i < Max(),"oob") in C2 with -Xcomp
6663908 hotspot compiler2 NegativeArraySizeException is not thrown
6666343 hotspot compiler2 Compile::has_loops not always set correctly
6667573 hotspot compiler2 Use set_req_X() in AddPNode::Ideal() for Iterative GVN
6667580 hotspot compiler2 Optimize CmpP for allocations
6667581 hotspot compiler2 Don't generate initialization (by 0) code for arrays with size 0
6667588 hotspot compiler2 Don't generate duplicated CMP for float/double values
6667595 hotspot compiler2 Set probability FAIR for pre-, post- loops and ALWAYS for main loop
6667605 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: always inline java constructors with EA
6667610 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: retry compilation without EA if it fails
6667612 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: disable loop clonning if it has a scalar replaceable allocation
6667615 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: extend MDO to cache arguments escape state
6667618 hotspot compiler2 Disable LoadL->ConvL2I ==> LoadI optimization
6667620 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: fix reallocation and relocking scalar replaced objects during deoptimization
6670459 hotspot compiler2 Fix Node::dump() performance
6671250 hotspot compiler2 In Parse::do_if() old Cmp node 'c' should be replaced with new one after BoolNode transformation.
6671807 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: Add new ideal node to represent the state of a scalarized object at a safepoint
6672848 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: improve lock elimination with EA
6673473 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: Add the instance's field information to PhiNode.
6674588 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: Improve Escape Analysis code
6674600 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis: Optimize memory graph for instance's fields
6676462 hotspot compiler2 JVM sometimes would suddenly consume significant amount of memory
6676841 hotspot compiler2 ClearArrayNode::Identity is incorrect for 64-bit
6680594 hotspot compiler2 Load + Load isn't canonicalized leading to missed GVN opportunities
6680665 hotspot compiler2 bytecode Escape Analyzer produces incorrect escape information for methods without oop arguments
6681646 hotspot compiler2 Relocking of a scalar replaced object during deoptimization is broken.
6682236 hotspot compiler2 C2 hits ideal nodes limit during IGVN optimization with EA
6684385 hotspot compiler2 Loop unswitching crashes without LoopNode
6684714 hotspot compiler2 Optimize EA Connection Graph build performance
6686791 hotspot compiler2 Side effect in NumberFormat tests with -server -Xcomp (all platforms, 6u5 perf release b01)
6689060 hotspot compiler2 Escape Analysis does not work with Compressed Oops
6692301 hotspot compiler2 Side effect in NumberFormat tests with -server -Xcomp (all platforms, 6u5 perf release b01)
6695810 hotspot compiler2 null oop passed to encode_heap_oop_not_null
6697236 hotspot compiler2 missing Identity for "(X+Y) - X" into Y
6697238 hotspot compiler2 missing dependencies for precompiled headers with platform dependent includes
6700047 hotspot compiler2 C2 failed in idom_no_update
6700102 hotspot compiler2 c2 assertion "counter_changed,"failed dependencies, but counter didn't change")" with AggressiveOpts
6701887 hotspot compiler2 JDK7 server VM in endless loop between Node::dominates and Node::find_exact_control
6703888 hotspot compiler2 Compressed Oops: use the 32-bits gap after klass in a object
6703890 hotspot compiler2 Compressed Oops: add LoadNKlass node to generate narrow oops (32-bits) compare instructions
6705887 hotspot compiler2 Compressed Oops: generate x64 addressing and implicit null checks with narrow oops
6706829 hotspot compiler2 Compressed Oops: add debug info for narrow oops
6708714 hotspot compiler2 Optimize long LShift on 32-bits x86
6709093 hotspot compiler2 Compressed Oops: reduce size of compiled methods
6710654 hotspot compiler2 SAJDI failures with Compressed Oops
6711083 hotspot compiler2 64bit JVM crashes with Internal Error (type.cpp:763) - ShouldNotReachHere() with enabled COOPs
6711701 hotspot compiler2 disable compressed oops by default
6712835 hotspot compiler2 Server compiler fails with assertion (loop_count < K,"infinite loop in PhaseIterGVN::transform")
6714406 hotspot compiler2 Node::dominates() does not always check for TOP
6714694 hotspot compiler2 assertion in 64bit server vm (store->find_edge(load) != -1,"missing precedence edge") with COOPs
6715633 hotspot compiler2 when matching a memory node the adr_type should not change
6716441 hotspot compiler2 error in meet with +DoEscapeAnalysis
6717150 hotspot compiler2 improper constant folding of subnormal strictfp multiplications and divides
6726504 hotspot compiler2 handle do_ifxxx calls in parser more uniformly
6730192 hotspot compiler2 expression stack wrong at deoptimization point
6730716 hotspot compiler2 nulls from two unrelated classes compare not equal
6731641 hotspot compiler2 assert(m->adr_type() == mach->adr_type(),"matcher should not change adr type")
6732154 hotspot compiler2 REG: Printing an Image using image/gif doc flavor crashes the VM, Solsparc
6732312 hotspot compiler2 Switch off executing Escape Analysis by default
6732698 hotspot compiler2 crash with dead code from compressed oops in gcm
6732732 hotspot compiler2 CTW with EA: assert(n != 0L,"Bad immediate dominator info.")
6736417 hotspot compiler2 Fastdebug C2 crashes in StoreBNode::Ideal
6738933 hotspot compiler2 assert with base pointers must match with compressed oops enabled
6741738 hotspot compiler2 TypePtr::add_offset() set incorrect offset when the add overflows
6743188 hotspot compiler2 incomplete fix for 6700047 C2 failed in idom_no_update
6743900 hotspot compiler2 frequency based block layout
6744422 hotspot compiler2 incorrect handling of -1 in set_jump_destination
6746892 hotspot compiler2 Register Allocator does not process a data phi with one unique input correctly
6746907 hotspot compiler2 Improve implicit null check generatation
6747051 hotspot compiler2 Improve code and implicit null check generation for comressed oops
6753795 hotspot compiler2 HotSpot crash in strlen() when JVMTI is used
6754519 hotspot compiler2 don't emit flag fixup for NaN when condition being tested doesn't need it
6761594 hotspot compiler2 framesize rounding code rounds using wrong units leading to slightly oversized frames
6764622 hotspot compiler2 IdealGraphVisualizer fixes
6766316 hotspot compiler2 assert(!nocreate,"Cannot build a phi for a block already parsed.")
6771309 hotspot compiler2 debugging AD files is difficult without #line directives in generated code
6772368 hotspot compiler2 REGRESSION:tomcat crashed twice with JDK 7
6775880 hotspot compiler2 EA +DeoptimizeALot: assert(mon_info->owner()->is_locked(),"object must be locked now")
6788347 hotspot compiler2 C2Compiler crash 6u7
6791132 hotspot compiler2 bad control in autobox split code
6793828 hotspot compiler2 G1: invariant: queues are empty when activated
6795362 hotspot compiler2 32bit server compiler leads to wrong results on solaris-x86
6798785 hotspot compiler2 Crash in OopFlow::build_oop_map: incorrect comparison of 64bit pointers
6805522 hotspot compiler2 Server VM fails with assertion (block1->start() != block2->start(),"successors have unique bcis")
6805724 hotspot compiler2 ModLNode::Ideal() generates functionally incorrect graph when divisor is any (2^k-1) constant.
6807084 hotspot compiler2 AutoBox elimination is broken with compressed oops
6812721 hotspot compiler2 Block's frequency should not be NaN
6824463 hotspot compiler2 deopt blob is testing wrong register on 64-bit x86
6362677 hotspot garbage_collector Change parallel GC collector default number of parallel GC threads.
6564247 hotspot garbage_collector assert(bb->_end_bci + bc_len == bb[1]._bci,"unmatched bci info in basic block") fails
6577184 hotspot garbage_collector G1: SIGSEGV in ~BufferBlob::Interpreter after a full GC
6578152 hotspot garbage_collector fill_region_with_object has usability and safety issues
6604422 hotspot garbage_collector G1: re-use half-promoted regions
6621144 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: assertion failure "is_cms_thread == Thread::current()->is_ConcurrentGC_thread()"
6621728 hotspot garbage_collector Heap inspection should not crash in the face of C-heap exhaustion
6634032 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Need CMSInitiatingPermOccupancyFraction for perm, divorcing from CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction
6642862 hotspot garbage_collector Code cache allocation fails with large pages after 6588638
6652160 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(cur_used_bytes == _g1->recalculate_used(),"It should!") at g1CollectorPolicy.cpp:1425
6659981 hotspot garbage_collector +ParallelRefProcEnabled crashes on single core platform
6660681 hotspot garbage_collector Incrementally reserve pages on win server 2003 for better large page affinity
6668743 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Consolidate block statistics reporting code
6672698 hotspot garbage_collector mangle_unused_area() should not remangle the entire heap at each collection.
6673975 hotspot garbage_collector Disable ZapUnusedHeapArea to reduce GC execution times of debug JVM's.
6680687 hotspot garbage_collector G1: reduce remembered set updating during GC pauses
6683653 hotspot garbage_collector Fastdebug build with UseNUMA fails assertion on amd64 at initialization.
6684395 hotspot garbage_collector Port NUMA-aware allocator to linux
6684579 hotspot garbage_collector SoftReference processing can be made more efficient
6687581 hotspot garbage_collector Make CMS work with compressed oops
6688799 hotspot garbage_collector Second fix for Guarantee failure "Unexpected dirty card found"
6694340 hotspot garbage_collector G1: deadlock in concurrent marking phase when stack overflow occurs
6694351 hotspot garbage_collector G1: add concurrent marking verboseness when -verbosegc or -XX:+PrintGCDetails are set
6697534 hotspot garbage_collector Premature GC and invalid lgrp selection with NUMA-aware allocator.
6710665 hotspot garbage_collector G1: guarantee(_cm->out_of_regions() && _cm->region_stack_empty() && _task_queue->size() == 0, ...)
6716466 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - remove VerifyParallelOldWithMarkSweep code
6718086 hotspot garbage_collector CMS assert: _concurrent_iteration_safe_limit update missed
6718283 hotspot garbage_collector existing uses of *_FORMAT_W() were broken by 6521491
6720130 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: The linux version should search for libnuma.so.1
6722113 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Incorrect overflow handling during precleaning of Reference lists
6723229 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: assert(lgrp_num > 0, "There should be at least one locality group")
6724367 hotspot garbage_collector par compact could clear less young gen summary data
6725697 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - rename class ChunkData to RegionData
6728271 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Cleanup G1CollectedHeap::get_gc_alloc_regions()
6728478 hotspot garbage_collector Assertion at parallel promotion from young to old generation
6729594 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - remove unused block table implementation
6730514 hotspot garbage_collector assertion failure in mangling code when expanding by 0 bytes
6736341 hotspot garbage_collector PermGen size is insufficient for jconsole
6740923 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: Ensure the progress of adaptive chunk resizing
6753547 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: Invalid chunk size computation during adaptive resizing
6758633 hotspot garbage_collector G1: SEGV with GCOld on Linux
6765745 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - allow young gen spaces to be split
6765804 hotspot garbage_collector GC "dead ratios" should be unsigned
6765954 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - stress mode for splitting young gen spaces
6770608 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Mutator thread can flush barrier and satb queues during safepoint
6774607 hotspot garbage_collector SIGSEGV or (!is_null(v),"oop value can never be zero") assertion when running with CMS and COOPs
6778647 hotspot garbage_collector snap{,_policy}() should be renamed setup{,_policy}()
6779436 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: libnuma expects certain size of the buffer in numa_node_to_cpus()
6782457 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Livelock in CompactibleFreeListSpace::block_size().
6784849 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - can fail when to_space is non-empty
6786188 hotspot garbage_collector par compact - "SplitALot" stress mode should fill to_space
6804746 hotspot garbage_collector G1: guarantee(variance() > -1.0,"variance should be >= 0") (due to evacuation failure)
6806226 hotspot garbage_collector Signed integer overflow in growable array code causes JVM crash
6810698 hotspot garbage_collector G1: two small bugs in the sparse remembered sets
6812428 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Error: assert(!ret || obj_in_cs(obj),"sanity")
6814467 hotspot garbage_collector G1: small fixes related to concurrent marking verboseness
6815683 hotspot garbage_collector G1: SEGV during marking
6816154 hotspot garbage_collector G1: introduce flags to enable/disable RSet updating and scanning
6817419 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Enable extensive verification for humongous regions
6819098 hotspot garbage_collector G1: reduce RSet scanning times
6820321 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Error: guarantee(check_nums(total, n, parts),"all seq lengths should match")
6824570 hotspot garbage_collector ParNew: Fix memory leak introduced in 6819891
6829013 hotspot garbage_collector G1: set the default value of G1VerifyConcMarkPrintReachable to false
6707485 hotspot hybrid_interpreter bytecodeInterpreterWithChecks.xsl is malformed
6453355 hotspot jvmti new No_Safepoint_Verifier uses fail during GC
6667089 hotspot jvmti multiple redefinitions of a class break reflection
6700114 hotspot jvmti Assertion (_thread->get_interp_only_mode() == 1,"leaving interp only when mode not one")
6800721 hotspot jvmti JavaThread::jvmti_thread_state() and JvmtiThreadState::state_for() robustness
6805864 hotspot jvmti Problem with jvmti->redefineClasses: some methods don't get redefined
6653214 hotspot monitoring_management MemoryPoolMXBean.setUsageThreshold() does not support large heap sizes
6474243 hotspot runtime_system suspicious jvmti code that uses oop unsafely across GC point
6549844 hotspot runtime_system Wording problems in "An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment"
6603919 hotspot runtime_system Stackwalking crash on x86 -server with Sun Studio's collect -j on
6608862 hotspot runtime_system segv in JvmtiEnvBase::check_for_periodic_clean_up()
6610420 hotspot runtime_system Debug VM crashes during monitor lock rank checking
6615981 hotspot runtime_system JVM class file parser incorrectly rejects class files with version < 45.2
6618726 hotspot runtime_system Introduce -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions flag
6618886 hotspot runtime_system Anonymous objects can be destructed immediately and so should not be used
6619271 hotspot runtime_system The -Xprintflags causes the VM to segv
6622385 hotspot runtime_system Accessing protected static methods
6629727 hotspot runtime_system assertion in set_trap_state() in methodDataOop.hpp is too strong.
6639341 hotspot runtime_system sometimes contended-exit event comes after contended-entered on another thread
6666698 hotspot runtime_system EnableBiasedLocking with BiasedLockingStartupDelay can block Watcher thread
6673124 hotspot runtime_system Runtime.availableProcessors / os::active_processor_count wrong if unused processor sets exist
6679422 hotspot runtime_system networkStream::connect() in ostream.cpp is not 64-bit clean
6679708 hotspot runtime_system No_Safepoint_Verifier and BacktraceBuilder have uninitialized fields
6689523 hotspot runtime_system max heap calculation for compressed oops is off by MaxPermSize
6689685 hotspot runtime_system Hotspot crash error message should include libraries version
6690122 hotspot runtime_system Provide a mechanism for specifying Java-level USDT-like dtrace probes
6695506 hotspot runtime_system JVM should accept classfiles with classfile version 51
6695819 hotspot runtime_system verify_oop: rax: broken oop in decode_heap_oop
6696264 hotspot runtime_system assert("narrow oop can never be zero") for GCBasher & ParNewGC
6699669 hotspot runtime_system Hotspot server leaves synchronized block with monitor in bad state
6714758 hotspot runtime_system hotspot: provide an entry point to the BootStrap Class loader
6716785 hotspot runtime_system implicit null checks not triggering with CompressedOops
6719149 hotspot runtime_system Wrong "java/lang/String should not be loaded yet" assertion in fastdebug bits with UseStringCache
6719981 hotspot runtime_system Update Hotspot Windows os_win32 for windows XP 64 bit and windows 2008
6721093 hotspot runtime_system -XX:AppendRatio=N not supported
6739363 hotspot runtime_system Xcheck jni doesn't check native function arguments
6741004 hotspot runtime_system UseLargePages + UseCompressedOops breaks implicit null checking guard page
6744783 hotspot runtime_system HotSpot segfaults if given -XX options with an empty string argument
6755845 hotspot runtime_system JVM_FindClassFromBoot triggers assertions
6756528 hotspot runtime_system Bytecodes::special_length_at reads past end of code buffer
6760773 hotspot runtime_system UseCompressedOops is broken with UseParNewGC
6761092 hotspot runtime_system jvm crashes when CDS is enabled
6784100 hotspot runtime_system getTimeNanos - CAS reduction
6800586 hotspot runtime_system -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps is using mt-unsafe localtime function
6821003 hotspot runtime_system Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 7
6306922 hotspot tools Dump dump created by +HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError should include stack traces for stack roots
6625846 hotspot tools Export system property java.version via jvmstat
6667042 hotspot tools PrintAssembly option does not work without special plugin
6718125 hotspot tools SA: jmap prints negative value for MaxNewSize
6731726 hotspot tools jmap -permstat reports only 50-60% of permgen memory usage.
6731958 hotspot tools Include all the SA classes into sa-jdi.jar
6743339 hotspot tools Enable building sa-jdi.jar and sawindbg.dll on Windows with hotspot build
6277781 idl serialization Serialization of Enums over IIOP is broke.
6773533 idl transport Regression in the IIOP stack that produces either IOE or JVM crash
4457181 java classes_2d Unicode Combining Diacritics are not rendered
6357932 java classes_2d JDK 1.5 : printing is incorrectly scaled on HP 6122, 6127 Epson R200 and likely others
6491273 java classes_2d Print and Page dialogs are shown in the taskbar, on Windows
6635462 java classes_2d D3D: REGRESSION: XOR rendering is extremly slow
6658726 java classes_2d ColorConvertOp causes JVM to abort
6735296 java classes_2d Regression: Common print dialog does not show the correct page orientation
6762511 java classes_2d Translucency is not working on Linux using Metacity
6785424 java classes_2d SecurityException locating physical fonts on Windows Terminal Server
6795060 java classes_2d VM crash on Linux in ICU layout library when processing \u0DDD (Sinhalese)
6800846 java classes_2d REGRESSION: Printing quality degraded with Java 6 compared to 5.0
6836720 java classes_2d Update fontconfig.OpenSolaris.properties to find Korean font on 2008.11 and later.
6488834 java classes_awt REG: An extra icon is created on the taskbar when a native dialog is opened, Win32
6610244 java classes_awt modal dialog closes with fatal error if -Xcheck:jni is set
6709453 java classes_awt Screen flickers when a JFrame switches to fullscreen mode
6723941 java classes_awt Crash in sun.awt.windows.WToolkit.eventLoop()
6730447 java classes_awt Support for high resolution mouse wheel is still incomplete. AWT panel needs to be supported
6770457 java classes_awt Using ToolTips causes inactive app window to exhibit active window behavior
6776743 java classes_awt Lightweight components must be counted as opaque rectangles for the purposes of hw/lw mixing
6779670 java classes_awt Recursive procedures in the HW/LW Mixing code must traverse parent containers
6785058 java classes_awt Parent dn't get the focus after dialog is closed if security warning is applied
6801620 java classes_awt JPasswordField broken on JDK 6
6834358 java classes_awt Drag&Drop doesn't work for JTextComponent
6799230 java classes_lang Lazily load java.lang.annotation.Annotation class
6807702 java classes_lang Integer.valueOf cache should be configurable
6622432 java classes_math RFE: Performance improvements to java.math.BigDecimal
6799689 java classes_math Make sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.hexFloatPattern static field initialized lazily
6670408 java classes_net testcase panics 1.5.0_12&_14 JVM when java.net.PlainSocketImpl trying to throw an exception
6737819 java classes_net sun.misc.net.DefaultProxySelector doesn't use proxy setting to localhost
6739920 java classes_net java 6u4~ use larger C heap if there are many threads
6771432 java classes_net createSocket() - smpatch fails using 1.6.0_10 because of "Unconnected sockets not implemented"
6807602 java classes_net Increase MAX_BUFFER_LEN and MAX_HEAP_BUFFER_LEN on 64-bit Solaris and Linux
6817246 java classes_net Redundant call to set InetAddressCachePolicy to FOREVER if not set during initialization
6819122 java classes_net DefaultProxySelector should lazily initialize the Pattern object and the NonProxyInfo objects
6497734 java classes_nio (dc) assert "JNI handle should not be null" under Java_sun_nio_ch_FileDispatcher_preClose0()
6769976 java classes_nio (fc) FileChannelImpl.isAMappedBufferField not used
6799037 java classes_nio (fs) MappedByteBuffer.load crash with unaligned file-mapping (sol)
6643094 java classes_security Test on keytool -startdate forgets about December
6787645 java classes_security CRL validation code should permit some clock skew when checking validity of CRLs
6819110 java classes_security Lazily load Sun digest provider for jar verification
6495408 java classes_swing REGRESSION: JTabbedPane throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
6523638 java classes_swing NPE in BasicTableHeaderUI it incorrectly assumes presence of JTable
6550847 java classes_swing Action events not firing in JCombox's selected item
6559589 java classes_swing Memory leak in JScrollPane.updateUI()
6625450 java classes_swing javax.swing.border.TitledBorder.getBaseline() doesn't throw IAE when width is < 0
6683775 java classes_swing Painting artifacts is seen when panel is made setOpaque(false) for a translucent window
6698013 java classes_swing JFileChooser can no longer navigate non-local file systems.
6729405 java classes_swing Java with GTK L&F freezes(slows down repeatedly) when embedding Mozilla/XulRunner
6739756 java classes_swing JToolBar leaves space for non-visible items under Nimbus L&F
6741392 java classes_swing libmawt.so crash at Java_com_sun_java_swing_plaf_gtk_GTKEngine_nativeFinishPainting+0x4f
6760148 java classes_swing Certain fonts are not correctly soft wrapped when using JTextComponent.print()
6777378 java classes_swing NullPointerException in XPDefaultRenderer.paint()
6788484 java classes_swing NPE in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer.getColumnSortOrder() with null table
6792401 java classes_swing Windows LAF: ActiveWindowsIcon should not be greedy with fallback icon
6794836 java classes_swing BasicSliderUI throws NullPointerExc when JSlider maximum is Integer.MAX_VALUE
6818229 java classes_swing Nimbus LookAndFeel does not paint alternate row colors
6792400 java classes_text Avoid loading of Normalizer resources for simple uses
6476425 java classes_util (fmt) java.util.Formatter.print() throws IllegalArgumentException on large BigDecimal
6544471 java classes_util_i18n LocaleISOData.java is incomplete and not up-to-date
6627549 java classes_util_i18n ISO 3166 code addition: Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin
6834474 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2009g
4893408 java imageio JPEGReader throws IllegalArgException when setting the destination to BYTE_GRAY
6687968 java imageio PNGImageReader leaks native memory through an Inflater.
6791502 java imageio IIOException "Invalid icc profile" on jpeg after update from JDK5 to JDK6
6793818 java imageio JpegImageReader is too greedy creating color profiles
6752085 java install offline wrapper installers should have version tab
6768003 java install new_pluging files installed differer from os/bit/version
6775670 java install Need to send unique ping and exit gracefully when user cancels install via FilesInUse
6779997 java install cruft left over when uninstalling JDK in some cases
6822203 java install Auto-update should not specify -nocache when requesting the map and version XML files
6755037 java localization There are extra empty line/spacing on French and Italian rtf license files
6789931 java localization extra comma in resource file
6810254 java other Lazily instantiate the shared secret access objects
6676840 java sunservicetags Service Tag Creation for Windows JRE
6775029 java_deployment configuration Unify Plugin and Webstart JRE setting under one Java Dialog in Java Control Panel
6729238 java_deployment deployment_toolkit deployment toolkit mimetype is already used by mozilla - javascript changes only
6688675 java_deployment download IBM applet is very slow on JRE6 due to repeated JAR file downloads w/ no HTTP header 'last-modified'
6742564 java_deployment general Webstart hangs reporting error on extension
6785446 java_deployment general Java caches JAR files loaded w/URLConnection, then denies access to the cache
6791245 java_deployment general Tune handling of LAP files
6791250 java_deployment general Tune cache index files
6814874 java_deployment general StringQuoteUtil can throw NPE
6827175 java_deployment general fix for 6704074 breaks application unnecessarily
6708508 java_deployment jkernel LogManager.readConfiguration() throws an exception
6793694 java_deployment jkernel Applications using JPEG images cannot be executed by kernel JRE.
6804925 java_deployment networking JNLPCachedJarURLConnection.getContentLength() may cause unneeded network requests for cached jars
6742114 java_deployment security Add black list support to JDK
6809110 java_deployment security JRE behavior unexpected when pre-trusting certificates (user or system)
6789865 java_plugin misc Java Plugin isInNet implementation returns incorrect value in some cases
6827651 java_plugin misc With 1.6.0_13 JNLP files cannot specify to run with j2se version 1.4*
6719011 java_plugin ocx Applet isn't started when it's outside of the visible area of a browser window
6769734 java_plugin plugin2 AppletContext.showStatus fails to work on IE7 under some scenarios
6776473 java_plugin plugin2 JavaScript calling Java timing issue
6784299 java_plugin plugin2 All-permissions jnlp applet execution bails out if user cancel certificate dialog
6786180 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2 does not honor "mandatory" flag deployment.config for a system level configuration
6786860 java_plugin plugin2 plugin2 : fairly large applet exits with "JVM instance exiting due to no heartbeat reply"
6788906 java_plugin plugin2 Applet is freezed when JSObject.getWindow()/call() is used with a large amount of string data
6789085 java_plugin plugin2 Applet Deadlock During Initialization
6804500 java_plugin plugin2 A web page fails to load with JRE 6u11 and 6u12 with FF3 on windows
6810893 java_plugin plugin2 JVM args always mismatch on Vista
6818125 java_plugin plugin2 plugin2 : needs better performance data logging
6824647 java_plugin plugin2 Document.createElementNS() is not working with Plugin2
6830676 java_plugin plugin2 AppletContext.showDocument(URL u, String target) does not work with update 13
6713144 javawebstart app_mgr PIT:Double entries in Java Cache Viewer/Applications for javaws -import install_demo.jnlp
6537987 javawebstart general improve javaws.exe native parser to handle <java> element
6719502 javawebstart general NullPointerException while uninstalling appln from system cache and the user cache is readonly
6764455 javawebstart general Avoid network requests if everything is cached and JNLP has <update check="background">
6783308 javawebstart general Browser certificates should not be loaded unless needed
6814234 javawebstart general jnlp_file/appletDesc/index.html#misc fails starting from jdk 6u13 b02
6809125 javawebstart install Desktop short-cut doesn't work for java application after installation of 6u12
6649371 javawebstart jnlp_api JNLP Association (per-user) does not work in Vista
6786213 javawebstart jnlp_file Regression : ico files specified for shortcuts in jnlp files are not getting downloaded in 6u12b02
6818278 javawebstart jnlp_file sunmc console when started with javaws does not communicate with the firewall port range
6807187 javawebstart maintenance Improve performance monitoring in javaws
6803688 jax-ws other Integrate latest JAX-WS (2.1.6) in to JDK 6u14
6790700 jax-ws server-runtime When WS messages contain nil elements the received payloads are not well formed
6660724 jaxp dom Lock Contention in SAX2DOM()
6506304 jaxp other java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: c
6767959 jaxp other Catalog resolver transient memory usage high
6518733 jaxp sax Regression: SAX not correctly handling attributes with newlines
6536111 jaxp sax SAX parser throws OutOfMemoryError
6809409 jaxp sax jaxp Issue 56 SAXException doesn't do the exception chaining properly
6498139 jaxp stax Buffer allocations in SJSXP introduce large constant factors
6467424 jaxp validation javax.xml.validation.Validator does not augment.
6708840 jaxp validation JAXP validation throws null pointer exception with StAXSource
6583301 jaxp xslt Reduce allocation overhead in JAXP XML XSLT translation
6652519 jaxp xslt JAXP issue 48 : Performance Issue with Xalan Transformer
6682459 jaxp xslt Lock contention due to debug print
4898461 jce pkcs11_csp Support for ECB and CBC/PKCS5Padding
4898484 jce pkcs11_csp Cipher should optimize cases where only one buffer is a DirectBuffer
6725987 jets other ORB.destroy() does not cleanup correctly and ORB object instances are not garbage collected.
6796140 jets other Further ORB changes after 6725987
6714797 jndi cosnaming InitialContext.close does not close NIO socket connections
6748156 jndi ldap add an new JNDI property to control the boolean flag WaitForReply (JDK5)

Java VisualVM Specific Bug Fixes

26 Options window lacking some functionality
82 Improve Visual GC integration into VisualVM
128 NPE while getting information from remote JVM
133 Liveness comparision tab : Go to source option is useless
131 Wrong dialog message on exit
146 No tooltips for buttons in Visual GC tab
147 no Help information available
170 Add Compare Memory Snapshots action to context menu
184 SysTray: doubleclick on tray icon doesn't work for JDK 7
186 Add the CPU usage from JConsole
188 MBean graphs don't resize well
191 MBeans Plugin: sorting attribute values while editing causes
195 Do not rely on .hprof extension
196 allow to open application with commandline switch
197 allow to open heap dump and snapshots from commandline
201 Cannot profile different JDK than the VisualVM is running
204 Allow to copy/save information in About dialog
209 UI frozen due to connection delay -- AWT was thread blocked.
210 Improve JDK 7 detection
211 DataSourceDescriptor.setPreferredPosition() breaks Applicati
212 Launcher changes current-working-directory
216 No profiling results available
218 Add Table view to Threads tab
222 Selection not updated for right click on windows.
225 API for adding applications defined by JMX connection
226 Commandline option for adding applications defined by JMX co
227 Incorrect display name of coredump
237 Utils.getFilteredSet Concurrent Modifications Exception
240 NetBeans 7.0 dev not recognized
242 CPU percentage on CPU graph is wrong for multicore machines
244 Incomplete system properties for coredump
249 'UnsupportedOperationException: DataSource already in reposi
258 [GTK] Application title disappears when the application fini
261 Add versioning information to visualvm.exe
86777 Focus lost when going back to heap dump view
121805 [heapwalker] toggling toolbar buttons works wrong
124286 NullPointerException at org.netbeans.lib.profiler.ui.charts.
131730 NPE of Find in memory results
144821 Incomplete system properties