Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_18 (6u18)

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_18-b07 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u18.

OlsonData 2009s

6u18 contains Olson time zone data version 2009s. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software .

Security Baseline

6u18 specifies the following security baselines for use with Java Plug-in technology:

JRE Family Version Java SE Security Baseline Java for Business Security Baseline
6 1.6.0_17 1.6.0_17
5.0 1.5.0_22 1.5.0_22
1.4.2 1.4.2_19 1.4.2_24

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

Additional Supported System Configurations

For 6u18, support has been added for the following system configurations:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition for both JFB and Java SE (x86) in 32-bit
  • SLES 11
  • Windows 7 support is now available
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • Firefox 3.6

Refer to the Supported System Configurations page.

VisualVM 1.2

VisualVM 1.2 is included in 1.6.0_18. VisualVM 1.2 introduces the following features and enhancements:

  • Sampling CPU and Memory profiler plugin (VisualVM-Sampler available on Plugins Center)
  • Support for multiple jstatd connections on a single local/remote host
  • New charts with dynamic tooltips, public Charts API for plugins
  • Monitor and Threads tab are saved into Application Snapshot
  • Application Snapshots can be opened using the Load action or --openfile parameter
  • Properties UI for Applications, Hosts and Snapshots, public Properties API for plugins
  • Customizable proxy settings in Options dialog
  • UI for customizing SSL certificates in Options dialog (VisualVM-Security available on Plugins Center)
  • Enhanced JMX API to enable customizing JMX environment/connections by plugins
  • Display name defined by the monitored application: visualvm.display.name property
  • Improved performance for remote X sessions
  • Automatic detection of broken jvmstat on Windows (username capitalization vs. hsperfdata file)
  • Various UI improvements: main menu, toolbar and context menu; system (theme) colors; About dialog, profiler snapshots, HeapWalker
VisualVM releases page.

Java DB

Java DB is included in 1.6.0_18. Java DB introduces the following improvements:

  • SQL Roles
  • Generated Columns
  • LOB Improvements
  • Replication of encrypted databases
  • In-memory back end
  • Better updating of optimizer statistics
  • Service-tag aware installers

Java DB home page.

Performance Improvements

6u18 introduces improvements in the following areas:

  • Faster jar File Creation

    The fix of a long standing bug related to jar file creation has greatly improved creation time. For example, for a given jar file, it is possible that you might see a creation time improvement in the range of 20 percent. (Refer to 6496274.)

  • Java Hotspot VM 16.0

    6u18 includes version 16.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine. Contributing to increased performance in this release are several enhancements in Java HotSpot VM 16.0. These include:

    • Improved NUMA-aware allocation
    • Extensions to compressed object pointers
    • Garbage collection improvements
      • Updated Client JVM heap configuration

        In the Client JVM, the default Java heap configuration has been modified to improve the performance of today's rich client applications. Initial and maximum heap sizes are larger and settings related to generational garbage collection are better tuned.

        • The default maximum heap size is half of the physical memory up to a physical memory size of 192 megabytes and otherwise one fourth of the physical memory up to a physical memory size of 1 gigabyte. For example, if your machine has 128 megabytes of physical memory, then the maximum heap size is 64 megabytes, and greater than or equal to 1 gigabyte of physical memory results in a maximum heap size of 256 megabytes.
        • The maximum heap size is not actually used by the JVM unless your program creates enough objects to require it. A much smaller amount, termed the initial heap size, is allocated during JVM initialization. This amount is at least 8 megabytes and otherwise 1/64 of physical memory up to a physical memory size of 1 gigabyte.
        • The maximum amount of space allocated to the young generation is one third of the total heap size.
        • The updated heap configuration ergonomics apply to all collectors except Concurrent Mark-Sweep (CMS). CMS heap configuration ergonomics remain the same.
        • Server JVM heap configuration ergonomics are now the same as the Client, except that the default maximum heap size for 32-bit JVMs is 1 gigabyte, corresponding to a physical memory size of 4 gigabytes, and for 64-bit JVMs is 32 gigabytes, corresponding to a physical memory size of 128 gigabytes.
      • Work stealing termination
      • Work queue overflow processing
      • Bit set processing on 64-bit Linux
    • Class loading optimizations for faster startup (see Bug Fixes section)
    • Code generation improvements
      • New intrinsics using SSE 4.2
      • New intrinsics for Integer/Long bit operations - leading/trailing zeros, bit count
      • Unsigned byte and integer loads
      • Integer load shortening
      • Elision of needless conversions between integer primitive types
      • Optimization of common string concatenation patterns
    • Garbage First (G1) garbage collector

      For more information about G1, see the G1 technology page.

    In addition to performance enhancements, HotSpot VM 16.0 offers improved reliability and serviceability.

    • Serviceability enhancements
      • New options to request a heap dump or class histogram before or after a full GC
      • New tool to decode LogCompilation output
    • Extensive reliability improvements (see Bug Fixes section)
    • Note that Escape analysis-based optimization ( -XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis) is disabled in 6u18. This option will be restored in a future Java SE 6 update.
  • Application Startup Improvements

    • Better startup of applications and applets on systems where D3D is used. Savings are up to 100-200ms depending on application and the system. (Refer to 6891435.)
    • Revised support for pre-verification of FX runtime. Improves warm start of typical FX applications by up to 15 percent. (Refer to 6894899.)
    • Concurrent download of jars for webstart applications and applets.
    • Number of other startup improvements for UI applications and applets. (Refer to 6753173, 6896857, 6892138, 6868503, 6874881, 6874336, 6891293 and 6895250.)
  • Runtime Performance Improvements for UI Applications

    • Improved performance of applications using translucent windows. (Refer to 6794764.)
    • Better performance and smaller memory consumption by text rasterizer. (Refer to 6891557 and 6891551.)
    • Faster processing of PNG images. (Refer to 6549882.)
  • Ability to Read Larger .zip Files

    As of this update release, it is possible to read .zip files of sizes up to 4 gigabytes. (Refer to 6860950.)

Deployment Updates

Java Web Start

Java Web Start now implements JSR-056 version 6.0.18. See jcp.org for updated specification.

This release introduces the following features that enhance the capabilities of Java Web Start applications:

  • New JNLP Extension Security Dialog

    A new security dialog has been introduced in 6u18 for installing signed Java extensions on a user's system. Java extensions are components described in JNLP files that are typically intended to be used by a large number of applications and applets.

    The new security dialog is triggered by an application that references the Java extension in its JNLP file (by including it in the resources element). The security dialog will ask the user if they would like to install the extension. Once the extension is installed, it can be referenced by other applications without the need for asking the user's permission again (as long as it is the same extension from the same codebase).

    The JNLP file of the Java extension must adhere to the following requirements:
    • The JNLP file MUST contain a component-desc element that describes the Java extension.
    • The JAR files that are specified in the resources element MUST be signed with the same certificate.
    • The signer's certificate MUST contain an Authority Information Access or CRL Distribution Points extension so that the revocation status can be checked (via OCSP or CRLs).

JSR-173 StAX 1.2 API Upgrade

6u18 includes an upgrade to minor revision 1.2 of JSR-173 Streaming API for XML (StAX) which was a result of Maintenance Reviews 2 and 3. You can find more details about these Maintenance Reviews in the JSR 173 Change Log. Also refer to 6861589.

The StAX 1.2 upgrade maintains binary and source compatibility. Existing binaries compiled on StAX 1.0 will continue to run on StAX 1.2. Programs written to StAX 1.0 will continue to compile to StAX 1.2.

There will be a minor behavioral difference if deprecated methods are used. In this case, there will be deprecation warnings at compilation. Other than these warning messages, the StAX 1.2 upgrade maintains behavioral compatibility.

Known Issues

  • The Java Install Issue

  • When installing Java on a 64 bit Windows system, the 64 bit javaws becomes the default handler even if the 32 bit version were already installed. This will cause all 32 bit only applications (like JavaFX) to fail when 64 bit Java was installed last (after 32 bit Java). This issue applies to any JNLP based applications.

    The workaround for this issue is to install the 64-bit version of Java first, and then install the 32-bit version of Java. If they were installed in the other order, then reinstalling the 32-bit version of Java will fix.

    Refer to 6909619.

  • Card-Marking Optimization Issue

  • A flaw in the implementation of a card-marking performance optimization in the JVM can cause heap corruption under some circumstances. This issue affects the CMS garbage collector prior to 6u18, and the CMS, G1 and Parallel Garbage Collectors in 6u18. The serial garbage collector is not affected. Applications most likely to be affected by this issue are those that allocate very large objects which would not normally fit in Eden, or those that make extensive use of JNI Critical Sections (JNI Get/Release*Critical).

    This issue will be fixed in the next Java SE 6 update.

    Meanwhile, as a workaround to the issue, users should disable this performance optimization by -XX:-ReduceInitialCardMarks.

    Refer to 6896647 and 6888898.

Bug Fixes

This feature release does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to its previous release, Java SE 6 Update 17. Users who have Java SE 6 Update 17 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6828024  hotspot compiler1 verification of fixed interval usage is too weak
6849574  hotspot compiler1 VM crash using NonBlockingHashMap (high_scale_lib)
6855215  hotspot compiler1 Calculation error (NaN) after about 1500 calculations
5057225  hotspot compiler2 Remove useless I2L conversions
6378821  hotspot compiler2 bitCount() should use POPC on SPARC processors and AMD+10h
6442502  hotspot compiler2 assert(bits,"Use TypePtr for NULL") on linux-x86
6589834  hotspot compiler2 deoptimization problem with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
6636138  hotspot compiler2 UseSuperWord enabled failure
6655638  hotspot compiler2 dynamic languages need method handles
6655646  hotspot compiler2 dynamic languages need dynamically linked call sites
6709742  hotspot compiler2 find_base_for_derived's use of Ideal NULL is unsafe causing crashes during register allocation
6741757  hotspot compiler2 minor ctw improvements
6761600  hotspot compiler2 use sse 4.2 in intrinsics
6772368  hotspot compiler2 REGRESSION:tomcat crashed twice with JDK 7
6772683  hotspot compiler2 Thread.isInterrupted() fails to return true on multiprocessor PC
6778669  hotspot compiler2 Patch from Red Hat -- fixes compilation errors
6782232  hotspot compiler2 assert("CreateEx must be first instruction in block" )
6788347  hotspot compiler2 C2Compiler crash 6u7
6790182  hotspot compiler2 matcher.cpp:1375: assert(false,"bad AD file")
6791132  hotspot compiler2 bad control in autobox split code
6791572  hotspot compiler2 "duplicating node that's already been matched"
6793828  hotspot compiler2 G1: invariant: queues are empty when activated
6794939  hotspot compiler2 assert(_base == OopPtr,"subclass must override cast_to_ptr_type")
6796746  hotspot compiler2 rename LoadC (char) opcode class to LoadUS (unsigned short)
6797305  hotspot compiler2 Add LoadUB and LoadUI opcode class
6798785  hotspot compiler2 Crash in OopFlow::build_oop_map: incorrect comparison of 64bit pointers
6800154  hotspot compiler2 Add comments to long_by_long_mulhi() for better understandability
6802499  hotspot compiler2 EA: assert(false,"unknown node on this path")
6805950  hotspot compiler2 Typos in andL_rReg_imm instructions in x86_64.ad
6807084  hotspot compiler2 AutoBox elimination is broken with compressed oops
6807963  hotspot compiler2 need tool to make sense of LogCompilaton output
6808589  hotspot compiler2 Merge vm_version_x86_{32,64}.{cpp,hpp}
6810845  hotspot compiler2 Performance regression in mpegaudio on x64
6810855  hotspot compiler2 KILL vs. TEMP ordering restrictions are too strong
6812587  hotspot compiler2 Use auxv to determine SPARC hardware features on Solaris
6812678  hotspot compiler2 macro assembler needs delayed binding of a few constants (for 6655638 
6812721  hotspot compiler2 Block's frequency should not be NaN
6812831  hotspot compiler2 factor duplicated assembly code for megamorphic invokeinterface (for 6655638 
6813212  hotspot compiler2 factor duplicated assembly code for general subclass check (for 6655638 
6814659  hotspot compiler2 separable cleanups and subroutines for 6655638 
6814842  hotspot compiler2 Load shortening optimizations
6818666  hotspot compiler2 G1: Type lost in g1 pre-barrier
6820510  hotspot compiler2 assertion failure with unloaded class in subnode.cpp
6822204  hotspot compiler2 volatile fences should prefer lock:addl to actual mfence instructions
6822333  hotspot compiler2 _call_stub_compiled_return address handling in SA is broken causing jstack to hang occasionally
6823354  hotspot compiler2 Add intrinsics for {Integer,Long}.{numberOfLeadingZeros,numberOfTrailingZeros}()
6824463  hotspot compiler2 deopt blob is testing wrong register on 64-bit x86
6826736  hotspot compiler2 CMS: core dump with -XX:+UseCompressedOops
6827505  hotspot compiler2 sizing logic for vtable and itable stubs needs self-check
6827605  hotspot compiler2 new String intrinsics may prevent EA scalar replacement
6829021  hotspot compiler2 tests for 6636138  use UseSuperword instead of UseSuperWord
6831323  hotspot compiler2 Use v8plus as minimum required hardware for current Hotspot sources
6832293  hotspot compiler2 JIT compiler got wrong result in type checking with -server
6833129  hotspot compiler2 specjvm98 fails with NullPointerException in the compiler with -XX:DeoptimizeALot
6833879  hotspot compiler2 Assigning positive zero is ignored when old value is negative zero
6833951  hotspot compiler2 Extra ":" Causes Testcase in CR 6589834  "Parse Exception: Invalid tag: summary:"
6834142  hotspot compiler2 method->print_codes(): Error: ShouldNotReachHere()
6834177  hotspot compiler2 Running jsynprog on Solaris Nevada can cause JVM crash
6835796  hotspot compiler2 Fedora 9 linux_i586-fastdebug-c2-runThese_Xcomp times out
6837146  hotspot compiler2 Should perform unswitch before maximally unroll in loop transformation
6840775  hotspot compiler2 Multiple JVM crashes seen with 1.6.0_10 through early access of 1.6.0_14 - possibly related to GC
6843752  hotspot compiler2 missing code for an anti-dependent Phi in GCM
6847305  hotspot compiler2 solaris reorder mapfiles generate too many warnings
6848466  hotspot compiler2 frame::frame_size() assertion failure with -XX:+DebugDeoptimization
6851282  hotspot compiler2 JIT miscompilation results in null entry in array when using CompressedOops
6851386  hotspot compiler2 assert(b->find_node(def) < j,"uses must follow definitions")
6851742  hotspot compiler2 (EA) allocation elimination doesn't work with UseG1GC
6851908  hotspot compiler2 interpreter null check profiling broken causing extra compilation invalidation
6855164  hotspot compiler2 SIGSEGV during compilation of method involving loop over CharSequence
6857159  hotspot compiler2 local schedule failed with checkcast of Thread.currentThread()
6857661  hotspot compiler2 64-bit server VM: assert(is_Initialize(),"invalid node class")
6857707  hotspot compiler2 Add missing test case for CR 6855164  from its bug description
6859338  hotspot compiler2 amd64 native unverified entry point pushes values before implicit null check
6860469  hotspot compiler2 remix_address_expressions sets incorrect control causing crash in split_if_with_block_post
6860599  hotspot compiler2 nodes limit could be reached during Output phase
6861513  hotspot compiler2 correct copyright attribution in test for 6837094  and 6860469 
6862576  hotspot compiler2 vmIntrinsics needs cleanup in order to support JSR 292 intrinsics
6862863  hotspot compiler2 C2 compiler fails in elide_copy()
6863155  hotspot compiler2 Server compiler generates incorrect code (x86, long, bitshift, bitmask)
6864914  hotspot compiler2 SPECjvm2008 produces invalid result with zero based Compressed Oops
6865031  hotspot compiler2 Application gives bad result (throws bad exception) with compressed oops
6866585  hotspot compiler2 debug code in ciObjectFactory too slow for large objects
6868269  hotspot compiler2 CompileTheWorld assertion failure introduced by the reexecute bit implementation
6868486  hotspot compiler2 timeouts and outOfMemory in regression tests
6868487  hotspot compiler2 EnableInvokeDynamic and EnableMethodHandles should not be visible flags in JDK6 or JDK7
6869822  hotspot compiler2 assert(Universe::narrow_oop_shift() == 0,"use unscaled narrow oop")
6875866  hotspot compiler2 Intrinsic for String.indexOf() is broken on x86 with SSE4.2
6876276  hotspot compiler2 assert(!is_visited,"visit only once")
6876584  hotspot compiler2 parameters order is incorrect for enc_String_Equals() in x86_32.ad
6880053  hotspot compiler2 assert(alloc_obj->as_CheckCastPP()->type() != TypeInstPtr::NOTNULL)
6883468  hotspot compiler2 C2 compiler enters infinite loop running out of native heap. assertion in PhaseIterGVN::transform
6892658  hotspot compiler2 C2 should optimize some stringbuilder patterns
6896084  hotspot compiler2 VM does not reserve protected page below heap for compressed oops implicit null checks
6904191  hotspot compiler2 OptimizeStringConcat should be product instead of experimental
6484957  hotspot garbage_collector G1: parallel concurrent refinement
6604422  hotspot garbage_collector G1: re-use half-promoted regions
6689653  hotspot garbage_collector JMapPerm fails with UseConcMarkSweepIncGC and compressed oops off
6690928  hotspot garbage_collector Use spinning in combination with yields for workstealing termination.
6700789  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Enable use of compressed oops with G1 heaps
6728271  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Cleanup G1CollectedHeap::get_gc_alloc_regions()
6783381  hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: don't pretouch eden space with UseNUMA
6786503  hotspot garbage_collector Overflow list performance can be improved
6787254  hotspot garbage_collector Work queue capacity can be increased substantially on some platforms
6792421  hotspot garbage_collector assert(_bitMap->isMarked(addr+size-1),"inconsistent Printezis mark")
6797870  hotspot garbage_collector Add -XX:+{HeapDump,PrintClassHistogram}{Before,After}FullGC
6798898  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: bugs related to class unloading
6804746  hotspot garbage_collector G1: guarantee(variance() > -1.0,"variance should be >= 0") (due to evacuation failure)
6806226  hotspot garbage_collector Signed integer overflow in growable array code causes JVM crash
6810698  hotspot garbage_collector G1: two small bugs in the sparse remembered sets
6812428  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Error: assert(!ret || obj_in_cs(obj),"sanity")
6814467  hotspot garbage_collector G1: small fixes related to concurrent marking verboseness
6814552  hotspot garbage_collector par compact - some compilers fail to optimize bitmap code
6815683  hotspot garbage_collector G1: SEGV during marking
6816154  hotspot garbage_collector G1: introduce flags to enable/disable RSet updating and scanning
6816433  hotspot garbage_collector Test G1 and ParOld in JPRT
6817419  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Enable extensive verification for humongous regions
6819065  hotspot garbage_collector G1: eliminate high serial card table clearing time
6819077  hotspot garbage_collector G1: first GC thread coming late into the GC
6819085  hotspot garbage_collector G1: use larger and/or user settable region size
6819098  hotspot garbage_collector G1: reduce RSet scanning times
6820321  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Error: guarantee(check_nums(total, n, parts),"all seq lengths should match")
6821693  hotspot garbage_collector 64-bit TaskQueue capacity still too small
6822263  hotspot garbage_collector G1: JVMTI heap iteration fails
6824570  hotspot garbage_collector ParNew: Fix memory leak introduced in 6819891 
6826318  hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove traversal-based refinement code
6829013  hotspot garbage_collector G1: set the default value of G1VerifyConcMarkPrintReachable to false
6833576  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(0 <= i && i < _len,"illegal index") utilities/growableArray.hpp:186
6838842  hotspot garbage_collector NUMA allocator: Segfault during startup on Linux
6841313  hotspot garbage_collector G1: dirty cards of survivor regions in parallel
6841831  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(contains_reference(from),"We just added it!") fires
6843292  hotspot garbage_collector "Expect to be beyond new region unless impacting another region" assertion too strong
6843694  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(index < _vs.committed_size(),"bad index"), g1BlockOffsetTable.inline.hpp:55
6845368  hotspot garbage_collector large objects cause a crash or unexpected exception
6848641  hotspot garbage_collector CMSCollector::_roots_scanning_options should be initialized
6849122  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Typo introduced during implementation of the parallel refinement
6849716  hotspot garbage_collector BitMap: performance regression introduced with G1
6850846  hotspot garbage_collector G1: extend G1 marking verification
6850869  hotspot garbage_collector G1: RSet "scrubbing" scrubs too much
6855115  hotspot garbage_collector G1: Fix for 6850869  is incorrect
6855834  hotspot garbage_collector G1: minimize the output when -XX:+PrintHeapAtGC is set
6859911  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(Heap_lock->owner() != NULL, "Should be owned on this thread's behalf")
6862534  hotspot garbage_collector -XX:NewRatio completely ignored when combined with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
6862661  hotspot garbage_collector G1: _gc_alloc_region_counts is not updated properly after 6604422 
6864886  hotspot garbage_collector G1: rename -XX parameters related to update buffers
6865703  hotspot garbage_collector G1: parallelize cache clean up
6866591  hotspot garbage_collector G1: print update buffer processing stats more often
6870843  hotspot garbage_collector G1: G1 GC memory leak
6871111  hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove the concurrent overhead tracker
6872000  hotspot garbage_collector G1: compilation fails on linux/older gcc
6886024  hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(recent_avg_pause_time_ratio() < 1.00,"All GC?")
6887571  hotspot garbage_collector Increase default heap config sizes
6888898  hotspot garbage_collector CMS: ReduceInitialCardMarks unsafe in the presence of cms precleaning
6889740  hotspot garbage_collector G1: OpenDS fails with "unhandled exception in compiled code"
6889757  hotspot garbage_collector G1: enable card mark elision for initializing writes by compiler (ReduceInitialCardMarks)
6890137  hotspot garbage_collector G1: revamp reachable object dump
6892749  hotspot garbage_collector assert(UseParNewGC || UseSerialGC || UseConcMarkSweepGC, "...") fails
6893095  hotspot garbage_collector G1: bulk G1 backports to 6u18
6895788  hotspot garbage_collector G1: SATB and Update buffer allocation code allocates too much space
6898857  hotspot garbage_collector [Regression] -XX:NewRatio with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC causes fatal error
6906727  hotspot garbage_collector UseCompressedOops: some card-marking fixes related to object arrays
6875393  hotspot jni JNI itable index cache is broken
6800721  hotspot jvmti JavaThread::jvmti_thread_state() and JvmtiThreadState::state_for() robustness
6805864  hotspot jvmti Problem with jvmti->redefineClasses: some methods don't get redefined
6862295  hotspot jvmti JDWP threadid changes during debugging session (leading to ignored breakpoints)
6862945  hotspot jvmti conversion of jmethodID to methodOop in JVMTI is too expensive
4670071  hotspot runtime_system java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(String) is too restrictive
4997835  hotspot runtime_system RFE: crash dump will only be created when running w/ -XX:+ShowMessageBoxOnError
6541756  hotspot runtime_system Reduce executable C-heap
6603316  hotspot runtime_system Improve Instrumentation for classes loaded at startup
6699669  hotspot runtime_system Hotspot server leaves synchronized block with monitor in bad state
6778657  hotspot runtime_system Casts in SharedRuntime::f2i, f2l, d2i and d2l rely on undefined C++ behaviour
6791168  hotspot runtime_system Fix invalid code in bytecodeInterpreter that can cause gcc ICE
6791656  hotspot runtime_system nsk defclass0 asserts handles.hpp
6791815  hotspot runtime_system Fix for 6471657  can cause deadlock on non-Solaris platforms when initializing direct buffer support
6792301  hotspot runtime_system StackAlignmentInBytes not honored for compiled native methods
6793825  hotspot runtime_system Missing include dependancies for GCC without predefined headers
6800586  hotspot runtime_system -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps is using mt-unsafe localtime function
6806046  hotspot runtime_system Hotspot build error when compiled from Visual Studio
6811384  hotspot runtime_system MacroAssembler::serialize_memory may touch next page on amd64
6812297  hotspot runtime_system update project creation for Visual Studio 2005-2008
6819213  hotspot runtime_system revive sun.boot.library.path
6819853  hotspot runtime_system VM does not detect JDK which supports parallel class loaders
6821003  hotspot runtime_system Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 7
6822370  hotspot runtime_system ReentrantReadWriteLock: threads hung when there are no threads holding onto the lock (Netra x4450)
6830069  hotspot runtime_system UseLargePages is broken on Win64
6830542  hotspot runtime_system Performance: new JVM_DefineClass with conditional verify
6840305  hotspot runtime_system Discrepancy in system memory details (when 4G or greater) reported by JVM and Windows OS
6842999  hotspot runtime_system Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 2008 R2
6850957  hotspot runtime_system Honor -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError when array size exceeds VM limit
6857194  hotspot runtime_system Add hotspot new perf counters to aid class loading performance measurement
6858208  hotspot runtime_system jvm crash when specifying TypeProfileWidth=0 on jdk 6.0
6860920  hotspot runtime_system serialize.cpp shouldn't use objArrayOopDesc::base_offset_in_bytes(T_BYTE)
6861660  hotspot runtime_system OopMapBlock count/size confusion
6863420  hotspot runtime_system os::javaTimeNanos() go backward on Solaris x86
6864003  hotspot runtime_system Modify JVM_FindClassFromBootLoader to return null if class not found
6867645  hotspot runtime_system java -Xshare:dump failed - read only space too small
6898160  hotspot runtime_system Need serviceability support for new vm argument type 'uint64_t'
6868051  hotspot svc_agent (SA) FreeChunk support for compressed oops is broken
6684007  hotspot tools PrintAssembly plugin not available for linux or windows
6812971  hotspot tools SA: re-attaching to process fails
6822407  hotspot tools heapOopSize lookup is incorrect in Serviceability Agent.
6826261  hotspot tools class file dumping from SA is broken
6843580  hotspot tools JavaThread.getStackBase throws sun.jvm.hotspot.WrongTypeException invoked by jstack
6763340  idl orb memory leak in com.sun.corba.se.* classes
6845161  jaas login Bottleneck in Configuration.getConfiguration synchronized call
6501871  java classes_2d java.awt.LookupOp may crash on BufferedImage with alpha
6680634  java classes_2d Printing: "Collate" is ignored under Windows Vista x64
6753173  java classes_2d No need to read all the TrueType 'post' table to get underline info
6764257  java classes_2d D3D/OGL: color is not reset properly after save/restoreState() [RSL]
6857465  java classes_2d Add Ubuntu support to MFontConfiguration.java
6891551  java classes_2d Font rasterisation uses more heap than needed for some strikes.
6891557  java classes_2d Greyscale AA glyphs can be rendered faster for some transforms
6892138  java classes_2d Windows GDI platform font lookup apis affect start-up for small UI apps
6896857  java classes_2d t2k should setup gridfitting environment only when needed
6518077  java classes_awt Modal dialogs open slowly with JRE 1.6.0 sun.awt.X11.XToolkit
6533175  java classes_awt Pressing F10 when a modal dialog is visible hangs the Xserver, XToolkit
6547881  java classes_awt NPE when closing modal dialog
6794764  java classes_awt Translucent windows are completely repainted on every paint event, on Windows
6818312  java classes_awt com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning.getSize() always reports (0, 0) on X11
6839645  java classes_awt Swing application prints message in Control Panel if language is changed
6860491  java classes_awt WRAP_TIME_MILLIS incorrectly set
6867293  java classes_awt switching TAB in a browser doesn't deactivate EmbeddedFrame
6878284  java classes_awt Sometimes test/javax/swing/system/ 6799345 /TestShutdown.java "hangs"
6886678  java classes_awt Clicking on parent JFrame's client area does not switch focus from JWindow to JFrame on Windows
6891435  java classes_awt Improve D3D preloading
6551584  java classes_fontprop Need fontconfig.properties for Ubuntu
6830423  java classes_fontprop Unified Ext B character not displayed with Dialog font
6872774  java classes_fontprop MappingTest.java doesn't check font files correctly.
4917309  java classes_lang (cl) Reduce internal usage of ClassNotFoundExceptions during class-loading
6830734  java classes_lang Performance: new ClassLoader.defineClass with conditional verify
6891714  java classes_lang (cl) Fixes for 6830734  needs to properly handle NoClassDefFoundError and ClassFormatError
6850606  java classes_math Regression from JDK 1.6.0_12
6876282  java classes_math BigDecimal's divide(BigDecimal bd, RoundingFormat r) produces incorrect result
4742177  java classes_net Re-test IPv6 (and specifically MulticastSocket) with latest Linux & USAGI code
6744329  java classes_net Exception in light weight http server code
6826780  java classes_net URLClassPath should use HashMap<String, XXX> instead of HashMap<URL, XXX>
6826801  java classes_net JarFileFactory should not use HashMap<URL>
6863419  java classes_net MimeTable initialization is too greedy
6887710  java classes_net Jar index should avoid putting META-INF in the INDEX.LIST
5103988  java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo should return -1 for EAGAIN instead throws IOException
6253145  java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo on Linux fails when going beyond 2GB boundary
6427312  java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo() throws IOException "system call interrupted"
6470086  java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo(2147483647, 1, channel) cause "Value too large" exception
6524172  java classes_nio (se) Selector.wakeup on Selector interrupted by close can throw NullPointerException
6620010  java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.tryLock leaves FileLock on lockList if I/O error occurs
6693490  java classes_nio (se) select throws "File exists" IOException under load (lnx)
6772303  java classes_nio (se) IOException: Invalid argument" thrown on a call to Selector.select(value) with -d64
6795561  java classes_nio (bf) CharBuffer.subSequence() uses wrong capacity value for new buffer
6823609  java classes_nio (se) Selector.select hangs on Windows under load
6824477  java classes_nio (se) Selector.select fails with IOException: "Invalid argument" if maximum file descriptors is low
6897993  java classes_nio (se) Close or cancel performance issue when number of pending updates is high (lnx)
6798714  java classes_security OCSPResponse class has to check the validity of signing certificate for OCSP response ~
6833839  java classes_security RFE: improve ManifestDigester by instantiating StringBuilder constructor w/ initial value
6845600  java classes_security Add support for rsa-sha256, rsa-sha512 SignatureMethod algorithms to XML DSig implementation
6853793  java classes_security OutOfMemoryError in sun.security.provider.certpath.OCSPChecker.check
6869739  java classes_security Cannot check revocation of single certificate without validating the entire chain
6899503  java classes_security Security code issue using Verisign root certificate
4833524  java classes_swing BasicTreeUI.isToggleSelectionEvent() does not properly handle popup triggers
6544857  java classes_swing Regression:javax/swing/JFileChooser/ 4673161/bug4673161.java  test fails and throws IOException.
6670274  java classes_swing Incorrect tab titles for JTabbedPane if using HTML (BasicTabbedPanelUI problem)
6711682  java classes_swing JCheckBox in JTable: checkbox doesn't alaways respond to the first mouse click
6741890  java classes_swing Deadlock in Win32ShellFolderManager2
6771547  java classes_swing SynthParser throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException parsing custom ColorTypes
6798062  java classes_swing Memory Leak on using getFiles of FileSystemView
6827786  java classes_swing Mnemonic cycling for multiple equal mnemonic armed menu items stops when encountering a submenu
6840086  java classes_swing JFileChooser lacks icons on top right when running on Windows 7
6884066  java classes_swing JTableHeader listens mouse in disabled state and doesn't work when not attached to a table
6889007  java classes_swing No resize cursor during hovering mouse over JTable
6868503  java classes_text RuleBasedBreakIterator is inefficient
6814989  java classes_util_concurrent STPE terminates when policy set to continue executing existing periodic tasks
6456628  java classes_util_i18n (tz) Default timezone is incorrectly set occasionally on Linux
6838887  java classes_util_i18n (tz) Add UTC and Yerevan to tzmappings
6904611  java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2009s
6860950  java classes_util_jarzip Unable to READ zip files more than 2GB in size
6274920  java classes_util_logging JDK logger holds strong reference to java.util.logging.Logger instances
6548436  java compiler Incorrect inconvertible types error
6549882  java imageio PNG reader should load RGB[A] images in display-optimal format
6741547  java install offline JRE wrapper should have external language transforms
6756264  java install %APPDATA%\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_*\lzma.dll does not get deleted
6778921  java install Regression: rpm install may corrupt /etc/mailcap file
6805578  java install RFE: disable java quick start jqs.exe at the JRE installation
6844541  java install windows 7 : java.exe and javaw.exe need to be registered as a host process
6850073  java install Upgrade bundled Java DB version in JDK 6 and JDK 7 to
6855941  java install 25099 specifically with Readme.txt/Copyright files
6884074  java install Auto Update project files have hardcoded object directory
6884957  java install AutoUpdate checker should create PluginVersion.h if it does not exist
6885034  java install JRE Auto Update cannot explicitly target OS with no service pack
6891655  java install remove the focus on either "Install" or "Cancel" buttons in installer Welcome Dialog Box
6893319  java install Minor AU 2.0.0 issues need to be cleaned up for functional correctness
6894188  java install Install Complete pings with JRE return code -6 should be broken into more specific return codes
6904117  java install jusched.exe left running, installed, and as a pending file deletion when PIP from 6u15 to 6u18
6496274  java jar jar seems to use more CPU than it should
6785462  java localization Missing "(O)" in JFileChooser Open button in Windows LAF
6873931  java localization New Turkish currency since 2009
6888768  java performance DownloadManager causes performance regression in JDK 1.6.0_14
6894248  java performance CDS list should include everything needed for plugin that runs in the browser process
6880411  java_deployment configuration Default system cache is wrong location, and system apps and resources cannot be deleted
6850604  java_deployment console System and deployment properties truncated in 6u14
6792409  java_deployment deployment_toolkit deployment toolkit mimetype is already used by mozilla - plugin changes only
6877996  java_deployment deployment_toolkit update deployJava.js for chrome and beter version detection
6901706  java_deployment deployment_toolkit deployJava.js regression on Firefox when no java is installed.
6886049  java_deployment download Customized Progress with progress-class attribute in extension broken
6894899  java_deployment download use preverified runtime from system cache if available
6874336  java_deployment general jnlp.packEnabled and jnlp.versionEnabled should not cause any JVM relaunch
6874881  java_deployment general Read manifest lazily from the cache
6888203  java_deployment general plugin doesn't add awt.warmup property when launches client VM
6895250  java_deployment general relax dependency of regutils.dll on msi.dll
6903282  java_deployment general java plugin should not be writing to java_install_reg.log
6903284  java_deployment general Data read from system cache should be also cached in the memory cache
6794977  java_deployment networking CrossDomainXML problem with multiple threads loading resources at the same time
6817482  java_plugin iexplorer On IE, modal JDialog from an Applet in html frame is not modal
6775736  java_plugin plugin2 Some add-ons are considered "Not Verified" in the IE's "Managed Add-ons" list
6780457  java_plugin plugin2 Focus problem causing infinite loop
6783619  java_plugin plugin2 showDocument calls result in the new browser window opening behind the current top window.
6809648  java_plugin plugin2 JSObject.eval() gets blocked by modal JDialog
6816282  java_plugin plugin2 Browser crashes when java plugin is reloading very fast
6817065  java_plugin plugin2 Parameter passed to Applet is not trimmed for spaces in JDK 1.6
6834128  java_plugin plugin2 should not download applet JNLP file on EventDispatchThread
6835274  java_plugin plugin2 Nextgen plugin fails on Windows Server 2003 with multiple Administrator Users
6840293  java_plugin plugin2 environment variables '_java_options' and 'java_tool_options' are disregarded on Windows Vista
6857855  java_plugin plugin2 6.0u14 new plugin executing javascipt can hang IE
6862965  java_plugin plugin2 JNLP2ClassLoader is too greedy clonning native libraries
6873101  java_plugin plugin2 showDocument calls result in the new browser window opening on top of the IE window
6876653  java_plugin plugin2 Package across multiple Jars in signed applets gives ClassNotFoundException
6881931  java_plugin plugin2 NPE in findAppletJDKLevel is thrown when NoClassDefFoundError should be thrown
6775024  javawebstart general Java Webstart Secure Static Versioning does consult Security Baseline
6851271  javawebstart general add sun.awt.disableMixing to the list of secure JNLP Java system property
6866509  javawebstart general codebase in JNLP file for Java Web Start applications should be optional
6891293  javawebstart general Avoid use of ResourceManager unless needed
6715420  javawebstart install j4b revisions are not recognized as "platform versions"
6758878  javawebstart jnlp_api loadResource(jnlp-href) should import all the resources in the jnlp file.
6800992  javawebstart jnlp_api Offline Application Start does not work. Bug 6507009  again since 1.6.0_10
6891017  javawebstart jnlp_api IntegrationService association API should use "xyz" for filename extensions, not ".xyz"
6892898  javawebstart jnlp_api AccessControlException in IntegrationService.requestAssociation() on Ubuntu Linux
6893492  javawebstart jnlp_api DownloadService2 should report size of cached resources
6893820  javawebstart jnlp_api DownloadService2 does not correctly match APPLICATION spec
6850598  javawebstart jnlp_file [REGRESSION] Bug # 6533653  is back in Java 6u14
6850601  javawebstart jnlp_file Problems with "javax.swing.defaultlf" property in Java 1.6.0u10 and later
6888118  javawebstart jnlp_file JNLP Extension Installer is never invoked when uninstalling application
6835450  javawebstart other java.applet.AppletContext.showDocument(URL, String) does not work with 1.6.0_13
6863499  javawebstart other Webstart JAR updates are completely broken in 6u14
6866991  javawebstart other Java Web Start no longer able to run 1.3.0 apps - regression since 6742114 
6869244  javawebstart other REGRESSION: NoClassDefFoundError exception throws with signed apps
6885558  javawebstart other cold start of JNLP webstart FX application fails
6888387  javawebstart other NullPointerException in DownloadService2
6869562  jaxb-xsd runtime if system asertions are enabled it can cause assertion error during marshaling of an java object
6861589  jaxp stax Upgrade JAXP/SJSXP to JSR-173 StAX v1.2
6890987  jaxp stax StAX v1.2 incorrect method signature
6909759  jaxp stax using JDK 1.6.0_18-ea does not work with GlassFish v3
6695485  jce pkcs11_csp SignedObject constructor throws ProviderException if it's called using provider "SunPKCS11-Solaris"
6753664  jce sunmscapi Support SHA256 (and higher) in SunMSCAPI
6898593  jdbc implementation java.sql.Date.valueOf no exception if date given is not in the JDBC date escape format(yyyy-mm-dd)
6857795  jgss krb5plugin krb5.conf ignored if system properties on realm and kdc are provided
6857802  jgss krb5plugin GSS getRemainingInitLifetime method returns milliseconds not seconds
6877357  jgss krb5plugin IPv6 address does not work
4918870  jsse runtime Examine session cache implementation (sun.misc.Cache)
6822460  jsse runtime support self-issued certificate
6894456  visualvm tool Integrate VisualVM 1.2 into 6u18