Java™ Development Kit for ARM Release Notes 8 Update 281

January 19, 2021

These release notes describe the new features, platform requirements, installation, known issues, and limitations for Java Development Kit for ARM Release 8u281 (JDK 8u281 for ARM).

This document contains the following topics:

1 New and Changed Features

JDK 8u281 for ARM includes the features and bug fixes of Java SE 8 Update 281. To review these features, see Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 281 Release Notes.

2 Platforms and Requirements

This release of Oracle JDK 8 for ARM was tested on Linux for ARM on v6, v7 and v8 architectures. The JDK for ARM is now offered in the same Download page as the JDK for other Java SE Platforms.

3 Installing JDK for ARM

Refer to the JDK 8u281 for ARM README for installation instructions.

4 Known Issues

This section describes known problems and issues in this release that are specific to JDK 8u281 for ARM. See also the Java SE 8 Update 281 Release Notes for known issues, many of which also affect embedded platforms.

5 Limitations

This section describes limitations of JDK for ARM.

5.1 Native Memory Tracking Support is Limited

The java command line option -XX:NativeMemoryTracking=detail is not supported for ARM targets (an error message is displayed). Instead, use the following option: -XX:NativeMemoryTracking=summary

5.2 Headless Configuration

The ARMv8 binary distribution only supports the headless configuration.