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JDK 8u281 Update Release Notes

JDK 8 Update Release Notes

Java™ SE Development Kit 8, Update 281 (JDK 8u281)

January 19, 2021

The full version string for this update release is 1.8.0_281-b09 (where "b" means "build"). The version number is 8u281.

IANA Data 2020d

JDK 8u281 contains IANA time zone data version 2020d. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.

Security Baselines

The security baselines for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at the time of the release of JDK 8u281 are specified in the following table:

JRE Family Version JRE Security Baseline (Full Version String)
8 1.8.0_281-b09
7 1.7.0_291-b09

Keeping the JDK up to Date

Oracle recommends that the JDK is updated with each Critical Patch Update (CPU). In order to determine if a release is the latest, the Security Baseline page can be used to determine which is the latest version for each release family.

Critical patch updates, which contain security vulnerability fixes, are announced one year in advance on Critical Patch Updates, Security Alerts and Bulletins. It is not recommended that this JDK (version 8u281) be used after the next critical patch update scheduled for April 20, 2021.

Java SE Subscription customers managing JRE updates/installs for large number of desktops should consider using Java Advanced Management Console (AMC).

For systems unable to reach the Oracle Servers, a secondary mechanism expires this JRE (version 8u281) on May 15, 2021. After either condition is met (new release becoming available or expiration date reached), the JRE will provide additional warnings and reminders to users to update to the newer version. For more information, see 23.1.2 JRE Expiration Date in the Java Platform, Standard Edition Deployment Guide.

New Features

 -groupname Option Added to keytool Key Pair Generation

A new -groupname option has been added to keytool -genkeypair so that a user can specify a named group when generating a key pair. For example, keytool -genkeypair -keyalg EC -groupname secp384r1 will generate an EC key pair by using the secp384r1 curve. Because there might be multiple curves with the same size, using the -groupname option is preferred over the -keysize option.

See JDK-8213400

 Apache Santuario Library Updated to Version 2.1.4

The Apache Santuario library has been upgraded to version 2.1.4. As a result, a new system property com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.security.parser.pool-size has been introduced.

This new system property sets the pool size of the internal DocumentBuilder cache used when processing XML Signatures. The function is equivalent to the org.apache.xml.security.parser.pool-size system property used in Apache Santuario and has the same default value of 20.

See JDK-8231507

 Support for certificate_authorities Extension

The "certificate_authorities" extension is an optional extension introduced in TLS 1.3. It is used to indicate the certificate authorities (CAs) that an endpoint supports and should be used by the receiving endpoint to guide certificate selection.

With this JDK release, the "certificate_authorities" extension is supported for TLS 1.3 in both the client and the server sides. This extension is always present for client certificate selection, while it is optional for server certificate selection.

Applications can enable this extension for server certificate selection by setting the jdk.tls.client.enableCAExtension system property to true. The default value of the property is false.

Note that if the client trusts more CAs than the size limit of the extension (less than 2^16 bytes), the extension is not enabled. Also, some server implementations do not allow handshake messages to exceed 2^14 bytes. Consequently, there may be interoperability issues when jdk.tls.client.enableCAExtension is set to true and the client trusts more CAs than the server implementation limit.

See JDK-8206925

Other Notes


 Disk Access From Java Control Panel on macOS

Starting from macOS Catalina 10.15, applications do not have access to the Desktop, Documents and Downloads folders. So, if you use JavaControlPanel app to access files at the locations specified above, (such as load certificates from the Downloads folder) you must either move the files to another location or grant the required permissions to the JavaControlPanel app.

The steps to required to grant the permissions to JavaControlPanel are provided below:

1. On your Mac, open the Apple menu, click System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy.

2. Select Full Disk Access and click +.

3. In Applications, navigate to the System Preferences app (Applications > System Preferences), and click Open.

Note: You must grant permissions to the System Preferences app because the JavaControlPanel app is a part of that application on macOS.

JDK-8265416 (not public)

 JDK time-zone data upgraded to tzdata2020d

The JDK update incorporates tzdata2020d. The main change is

  • Palestine ends DST earlier than predicted, on 2020-10-24.

Please refer to https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz-announce/2020-October/000062.html for more information.

See JDK-8255226

 JDK time-zone data upgraded to tzdata2020c

The JDK update incorporates tzdata2020c. The main change is

  • Fiji starts DST later than usual, on 2020-12-20.

Please refer to https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz-announce/2020-October/000060.html for more information.

See JDK-8254982

 US/Pacific-New Zone Name Removed as Part of tzdata2020b

Following the JDK's update to tzdata2020b, the long-obsolete files named pacificnew and systemv have been removed. As a result, the "US/Pacific-New" Zone name declared in the pacificnew data file is no longer available for use.

Information regarding this update can be viewed at https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz-announce/2020-October/000059.html

See JDK-8254177

Bug Fixes

This release also contains fixes for security vulnerabilities described in the Oracle Critical Patch Update. For a more complete list of the bug fixes included in this release, see the JDK 8u281 Bug Fixes page.