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Java SE White Papers

  • Java 2D API: Enhanced Graphics and Imaging for the Java Platform
  • This white paper describes how the Java 2D API extends the graphics and imaging classes defined by java.awt, while enabling developers to easily incorporate high-quality 2D graphics, text, and images in Java applications and applets.

  • Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API white papers
  • Building on the Java 2D API, the Java Advanced Imaging API enables sophisticated, high-performance image processing in Java technology-based applications.

  • The Java Language Environment
  • Describes the broad design goals of Java. Provides detailed description of the basic Java Language compared to C/C++. Includes a general discussion of HotJava. Briefly mentions the four base class libraries. Does not cover upcoming class libraries or technologies.

  • Java Management Extensions (JMX)
  • This document describes best practices that been identified for modeling using the JMX API.

  • Java Tuning
  • This white paper is intended as a reference for Java Performance Tuning information, techniques, and pointers.

  • Java Web Start (PDF)
  • Overview of how Java Web Start works and highlights its key advantages for deploying applications.

  • J2SE 5.0 Name and Version Change
  • This paper explains how the naming of the Java platform releases has been simplified.

  • Memory Management in the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine (PDF)
  • This paper describes the different types of garbage collectors available in the Java HotSpot virtual machine (JVM) in Sun's J2SE 5.0 release and gives advice on choosing a collector, configuration, and memory sizing.

  • Java SE 5 Performance
  • This guide gives an overview of the performance and scalability improvements made in the Java SE 5.0 release along with various benchmarks to demonstrate the impact of these improvements.

  • Platform Migration Guide (PDF)
  • This guide helps developers migrate Java applets, stand-alone applications, Java Web Start applications, and development tools from version 1.3 of the Java platform to version 5.0.

  • Security

The Java security architecture includes a large set of application programming interfaces (APIs), tools, and implementations of commonly-used security algorithms, mechanisms, and protocols.