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JDK Mission Control 9 Installation Instructions

JDK Mission Control (JMC) 9.0 requires Oracle JDK 17 or later for operation. However, JMC 9 supports Java Management Console (JMX) monitoring and Java Flight Recorder (JFR) profiling of JVMs running on JDK 7u40 or later across all supported platforms.


  • Ensure you install JDK 17 or later for JMC 9.0. See: JDK 17 Installation Instructions.
  • Ensure that the hsperfdata_username directory is present in the Windows $TEMP directory (for example, C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Temp\hsperfdata_username) and is writable by the user. In case there are any issues while starting JMC with user permissions, then start JMC as an administrator. Also ensure that you are using a file system that supports ACL.
  • For monitoring or recording a 32-bit JVM (JDK 7u40 or later), start the JVM with the following VM argument:

JMC Usage Instructions

Depending on your platform, run the following commands:

Linux x64

$ tar zxf jmc-<version>_linux-x64.tar.gz
$ ./jmc-<version>_linux-x64/JDK\ Mission\ Control/jmc

For example:

$ tar zxf jmc-9.0.0_linux-x64.tar.gz
$ ./jmc-9.0.0_linux-x64/JDK\ Mission\ Control/jmc

Linux ARM

$ tar zxf jmc-<version>_linux-aarch64.tar.gz
$ ./jmc-<version>_linux-aarch64/JDK\ Mission\ Control/jmc

For example:

$ tar zxf jmc-9.0.0_linux-aarch64.tar.gz
$ ./jmc-9.0.0_linux-aarch64/JDK\ Mission\ Control/jmc

macOS x64

$ tar zxf jmc-<version>_macos-x64.tar.gz
$ open ./jmc-<version>_macos-x64/JDK\ Mission\

For example:

$ tar zxf jmc-9.0.0_macos-x64.tar.gz
$ open ./jmc-9.0.0_macos-x64/JDK\ Mission\


$ tar zxf jmc-<version>_macos-aarch64.tar.gz
$ open ./jmc-<version>_macos-aarch64/JDK\ Mission\

For example:

$ tar zxf jmc-9.0.0_macos-aarch64.tar.gz
$ open ./jmc-9.0.0_macos-aarch64/JDK\ Mission\


Double-click JDK Mission Control from Finder or drag JDK Mission to the Applications directory to access from Launchpad.


jar xvf "jmc-<version>"
".\jmc-<version>_windows-x64\JDK Mission Control\jmc.exe"

For example:

jar xvf ""
".\jmc-9.0.0_windows-x64\JDK Mission Control\jmc.exe"


Double-click jmc.exe from Windows Explorer. 

Specify the JDK Version to be Used by JMC

If there are multiple JDK versions installed, it is recommended to use the latest version of JDK to run JMC.

Edit the JMC launch configuration (jmc.ini) file and add the location of the JDK version to use (JDK 17 or later required). In Windows and Linux, the jmc.ini file is found under the JDK Mission Control directory; and in macOS, under JDK\ Mission\ directory.

Add the -vm flag and <JDK installation path>/bin (<JDK installation path>\bin for windows) as shown in the following example. Ensure it is added just before the -vmargs flag.


C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.10\bin





Below is a sample of jmc.ini from the Windows platform:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.10\bin