Java SE 8u152 Advanced and Java SE 8u152 Support Release Notes

Java SE 8u152 Release Notes

The Java SE 8u152 Advanced Platform, available for Java SE Subscription customers, is based on the current Java SE 8u152 release. This release is also available for legacy Java SE Suite, Java SE Advanced, and Java SE Support and when directed by support to be used as part of another Oracle product.

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Java SE 8u152 Bundled Patch Release (BPR) - Bug Fixes and Updates

The following sections summarize changes made in all Java SE 8u152 BPRs. Bug fixes and any other changes are listed below in date order, most current BPR first. Note that bug fixes in previous BPR are also included in the current BPR.

To determine the version of your JDK software, use the following command:

java -version

Changes in Java SE 8u152 b35

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
8191608 install install Java RPMs should allow for side-by-side installation of JDK and JRE, 32 and 64 bit, and only one update for each major version
8193218 install install Simplify build system building rpms
8191607 install install undo 8189805: 64 and 32 bit RPMS must co-exist
8189805 install install 64 and 32 bit RPMS must co-exist

Changes in Java SE 8u152 b34

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
8179665 client-libs javax.swing [Windows] java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location
8186441 xml jax-ws Change of behavior in the getMessage () method of the SOAPMessageContextImpl class
8185661 deploy webstart JNLP files won't launch from IE11 on Windows 10 Creators Update
deploy webstart Found unsigned entry in resource
deploy plugin [deploy] System must be left clean after the uninstall process completes
deploy javafx Failed to launch the FX application after clicking link 'click to launch this app as webstart'

Changes in Java SE 8u152 b33

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
8184271 hotspot compiler Time related C1 intrinsics produce inconsistent results when floating around
8190258 core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2017c
8190259 core-libs java.time test is broken by tzdata2017c

Changes in Java SE 8u152 b32

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
6988950 core-svc debugger JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(112)
core-svc debugger JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(112): on checking for an interface
client-libs swing Tooltip for Desktop button is in English when non-English locale is set

Changes in Java SE 8u152 b31

Please note that fixes from prior BPR (8u144 b34) are included in this version.

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
8184328 core-libs JDK 8u131 socketRead0 hang at SSL read
8185346 core-libs java.rmi Relax RMI Registry Serial Filter to allow arrays of any type
install install JDK 8 Install wizard is hidden after JRE silent install is used
8160365 deploy webstart Desktop shortcut of Web Start application is broken after JRE update