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Java SE 8u66 Advanced and Java SE 8u66 Support Release Notes

Java SE 8u66 Release Notes

The Java SE 8u66 Advanced Platform, available for Java SE Subscription customers, is based on the current Java SE 8u66 release. This release is also available for legacy Java SE Suite, Java SE Advanced, and Java SE Support and when directed by support to be used as part of another Oracle product.

For more information on installation and licensing of Java SE Products, visit Java SE Products Overview.

Find information about Java SE Subscriptions at Oracle Java SE Subscriptions.

Java SE 8u66 Advanced - Bundled Patch Release (BPR) - Bug Fixes and Updates

The following sections summarize changes made in all Java SE 8u66 Advanced BPR. Bug fixes and any other changes are listed below in date order, most current BPR first. Note that bug fixes in previous BPR are also included in the current BPR.

To determine the version of your JDK software, use the following command:

java -version

Changes in Java SE 8u66 b36

Bug Fixes

BugId Category Subcategory Description
hotspot runtime Thread::current() might access freed memory on Solaris
8132890 client-libs 2d Text Overlapping on Dot Matrix Printers
deploy webstart 8u51 is slower than 6u101 to launch JWS application
deploy webstart WS sends multiple request to server to download extensions
8141527 deploy webstart AddRemoveTest tests fail as second request to jnlp not getting to server, but resource requests going through fine

Changes in Java SE 8u66 b35

Bug Fixes

BugId Category Subcategory Description
deploy plugin Java Plug-in crashes under some scenarios using FF42
8133523 deploy plugin _releaseObject called from wrong thread
8134828 client-libs javax.swing Scrollbar thumb disappears with Nimbus L&F
install install 32-bit JRE install fails on 64-bit Windows Server 2012 under System Account
install install 32-bit JRE silent install fails on 64-bit Windows under System Account
8067422 tools javac Lambda method names are unnecessarily unstable

Changes in Java SE 8u66 b33

Bug Fixes

BugId Category Subcategory Description
deploy deployment_toolkit Regression in Applet startup time with Internet Explorer on 8u60 and 8u65-b14

Changes in Java SE 8u66 b31

Please note that fixes from prior BPR (8u60 b32) are included in this BPR.

Bug Fixes

BugId Category Subcategory Description
tools javac CompletionFailure thrown when calling FieldDoc.type, if the field's type is missing