Troubleshooting Java SE

Page last updated: 14 November 2008

The Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) allows the development and deployment of a large variety of complex applications.

This web page contains pointers to information to help you troubleshoot problems you encounter with applications developed with Java SE release 8.

(For troubleshooting information for J2SE release 7, see Troubleshooting J2SE 7)

Troubleshooting Guide

The Java Troubleshooting guide is available (in English only) to help you diagnose and solve problems that occur in applications running on Java SE 8:

  • Troubleshooting Guide for Java SE 8
    • Describes the Java SE troubleshooting tools, how to develop your own tools using the APIs provided with the platform, several suggested troubleshooting procedures, how to submit bug reports, and detailed reference information.
    • Describes common issues which can occur with Java SE desktop technologies, such as Swing, AWT, Java 2D, and so forth, as well as suggestions for troubleshooting these issues.
    • Document last updated August 2014

Quick Tips!

For a few quick tips, consult these tables of typical troubleshooting needs, with corresponding commands, by platform.

  • Tips on Solaris OS and Linux for Java SE 6
  • Tips on Windows for Java SE 6

Troubleshooting Tools

The Troubleshooting Guide for Java SE 8 contains a list of monitoring and debugging tools in Java SE 8. Note that these tools are unsupported and experimental in nature, and they might not be available in future JDK versions.

Pertinent Articles for Troubleshooting

Pertinent Blogs for Troubleshooting

The Planet JDK site represents an aggregation of JDK developers' blogs.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of bloggers' helpful information and tips for troubleshooting Java SE applications.

Pertinent Forum Sites for Troubleshooting

Visit the various forum sites, where you can browse for information and post your own questions. Perhaps someone else has already encountered your problem! Use the Search facility on the forum site to specify your problem area.

This is a very brief list of pointers to the high-level entries into some of these sites.