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Forbes Article: When Computers Learn About Humans

As anyone who’s had to navigate a customer service phone system knows, automation doesn’t always result in the best customer experience… Read


Blog Post: Building a Chatbot to Handle Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"What are your opening times?" "Can I overpay on my mortgage?" "Do you serve gluten free pizzas?" The FAQs (or QnAs) often already exist, if you know where to find them, so why not bring them into your bot?… Read


Wall Street Journal Article: Emerging Technologies Making Healthcare More Effective, Affordable

While Dr. Consulta’s Oracle Cloud financial and supply chain applications help keep costs down, its cloud-based analytics application, embedded with artificial intelligence, correlates clinical data, such as new drug therapies, with patient health conditions and treatment results… Read


Wall Street Journal Article: Artificial Intelligence Tools: Aid at a Moment’s Notice

Next up for Oracle is the use of even more advanced techniques, including “reinforcement learning,” a branch of machine learning that pertains to how software agents should take actions to maximize intended outcomes… Read


Wall Street Journal Article: Yamaha Motor Opens the Throttle on Innovation and Its ‘Connected Vehicle’ Strategy

Yamaha is making a big statement with the 2018 model of its dirt competition race bike, the YZ450F, which packs what one trade press reviewer called “the most innovative technology available to the consumer to date"… Read


Blog Post: Why Oracle Thinks Autonomous IT Can Ultimately Win the Cloud War

Oracle has arguably the widest and deepest portfolio of products across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and it’s now beginning to embed AI and machine learning throughout… Read


Forbes Article: Driven By 'Social AI,' Service Robots Prep For More Close-Ups With Humans

More than 30 robots from a startup called FutureRobot were on hand at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, this year to answer visitors’ questions in Korean, Chinese, English, or Japanese… Read


Blog Post: Emerging Tech Helps Progressive Companies Deliver Exceptional CX

Organizations that provide effective, well-integrated CX across the entire customer journey achieved compound annual growth rates of 17 percent, versus the 3 percent growth rates logged by their peers who provided less-effective customer experiences, according to Forrester’s 2017 “Customer Experience Index… Read


Press Release: Oracle Buys

Oracle adds leading data science platform to the Oracle Cloud, enabling customers to fully utilize machine learning… Read


Press Release: Oracle Enables Smart Manufacturing with New Artificial Intelligence Cloud Applications

Intelligent applications help improve overall business performance in manufacturing by driving smarter decisions, increasing yields, and enhancing production efficiency… Read


Blog Post: Transform Your Growing Business with Emerging Technologies

SMBs that want a practical path to AI adoption have been turning to platform as a service… Read


Forbes Article: Oracle Extends All-In Commitment to AI And Machine Learning to NetSuite SaaS Apps

New machine learning-based capabilities embedded across the suite enable businesses to glean better insights, drive efficiencies by further automating processes, and determine the next best action with predictive actions… Read

Read the Press Release, 4/24/2018


Press Release: Oracle AI Powers Future of Customer Experience Management

New Oracle CX Cloud melds artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, innovative search, voice, and video… Read


Blog Post: How Machine Learning can Improve Recruiting

Will machines have better success finding the right candidates for your open positions than your recruiters… Read


Blog Post: Larry Ellison: Oracle Is Revolutionizing The Database—And IT Service Delivery

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud can run faster than comparable database offerings from Amazon Web Services, while being more scalable and costing less… Read


Blog Post: 2018: The Year When AI Will Humanize the Workplace

Forrester 2018 Predictions Report says "automation will eliminate 9 percent of US jobs, but will also create 2 percent more that will support the "automation economy"… Read


Press Release: Oracle Powers the Next Generation of Finance with New Artificial Intelligence Applications

Intelligent applications drive smarter finance decisions, increase efficiencies, and improve collaboration for higher revenues and reduced costs… Read


Blog Post: Oracle Extends Autonomous Capabilities Across Its Entire Cloud Platform

Autonomous PaaS services drive faster innovation with advanced capabilities such as auto code generation, self-defining data flows, automated data discovery, and prep… Read