Oracle Solaris 10 Virtualization

Oracle provides a complete virtualization solution from the desktop to the datacenter. Oracle Solaris virtualization includes the Oracle Solaris Containers feature, Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers, Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly Logical Domains) and Oracle VM Server for x86.

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Oracle Solaris Containers

Oracle Solaris virtualization with Oracle Solaris Containers allows you to maintain your existing "one-application-per-server" deployment model while consolidating those applications onto shared hardware resources. An integral part of the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System, Oracle Solaris Containers isolate software applications and services using flexible, software-defined boundaries; it allows many private execution environments to be created within a single instance of the Oracle Solaris 10 OS. Each environment has its own identity, separate from the underlying hardware, so it behaves as if it's running on its own system, making consolidation simple, safe, and secure.

Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers

Oracle Solaris Containers integrate with the other technologies built into Oracle Solaris, to make your environment even more cost effective and observable. The Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers product bundles together Oracle Solaris 8 Containers and Oracle Solaris 9 Containers. With Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers it's easy to move your existing Oracle Solaris 8 OS and Oracle Solaris 9 OS application environments onto new, cost effective, and more powerful systems running the Oracle Solaris 10 OS.

With Oracle Solaris 8 Containers and Oracle Solaris 9 Containers you can run Oracle Solaris 8 and Oracle Solaris 9 applications on the latest SPARC systems and Oracle Solaris 10 today. The entire environment of the original source system, either Oracle Solaris 8 or Oracle Solaris 9, is automatically captured and transferred to a Container running on the target Oracle Solaris 10 system.

Customers with legacy Oracle Solaris 8 or Oracle Solaris 9 environments can now run these applications on newer, more cost effective and more powerful Sun SPARC systems such as the CoolThreads and MSeries servers. One or many existing applications can be consolidated onto a single system reducing power, space, cooling, and support costs. These environments can then be transitioned to Oracle Solaris 10 over time while removing the dependency on Oracle Solaris 8 or Oracle Solaris 9 support.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly known as Sun Logical Domains, LDoms)

Oracle's server virtualization and partitioning technology for Sun T-Series Servers, Oracle VM Server for SPARC lets you run multiple OSes simultaneously on a single server, thereby better utilizing server capacity as well as increasing efficiency and ROI. Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides the flexibility to deploy multiple Oracle Solaris operating systems simultaneously on a single platform. Oracle VM Server also allows you to create up to 128 virtual servers on one system to take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by the CMT architecture. Sun T-Series servers come with the right to use (RTU) for Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and the software is pre-installed. Many customers have already used Oracle Solaris Containers for application isolation. Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides another important feature with OS isolation.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC integrates both the industry-leading CMT capability of the UltraSPARC T1, T2 and T2 Plus processors and the Oracle Solaris operating system. This combination helps to increase flexibility, isolate workload processing, and improve the potential for maximum server utilization.

Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle VM Server for x86 is a free, next-generation server virtualization and management solution from Oracle that makes enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and support. Oracle VM Manager provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating and managing virtual server pools running on x86 and x64 systems. This server virtualization software fully supports Oracle and non-Oracle applications, as well as Oracle Solaris, Linux, and Windows guests. Backed by Oracle's world-class support organization, Oracle VM Server for x86 provides customers with a single point of enterprise-class support for virtualization environments and delivers more efficient performance.

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