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Oracle Modern Data Center

Engineered Systems and Data Center Modernization
Engineered Systems and Data Center Modernization

By Sam Voukenas


Craig Rispin, futurist and business innovation expert, discusses digital disruption at Data Center Disruption for Extreme Innovation in Australia.

While at Data Center Disruption for Extreme Innovation in Australia, John Foster, VP, business development systems, Oracle Asia Pacific, took the chance to talk to product expert Sam Voukenas, about what the role of modern storage solutions is in the data center. Here is part of the conversation:

John Foster (JF): Hi Sam, I know you are drilling down into some of the technology, some of the innovation that we are providing within the storage portfolio, but what part does storage play at a higher level in the digital disruption that we are seeing in the data center? What part will storage play in the future modernization of the data center?

Sam Voukenas (SV): That’s a great question. Look, a lot of companies now are dealing with loads of information; information coming in from different streams. You will have your social media feed. You will have information coming from mobile devices. Companies want insights from that information, and the ability to keep data for longer so that they can both analyze it now, and then look at trends over a period of time.

Also, a lot of companies haven’t figured out what questions they want to ask of the data. So at some point, there will be a question that no one has thought of yet, and if you can keep as much information as possible, you will have a competitive advantage. And so storage, and particularly the storage that is tiered, which enables you to have everything from in-memory out to cloud, allowing customers to keep information in different cost profiles over time, is ideal. Ultimately, it lets you keep information forever if you want to.

John Foster, VP, business development, systems, Oracle Asia Pacific, talks to product expert Sam Voukenas about modern storage solutions in the data center.

JF: So what about storage as a service, is that part of your portfolio?

SV: Absolutely. We recently announced a few different storage as a service offerings, one being the archive as a service offering, and that’s one-tenth of the price of Amazon. So we’ve got a range of technologies, not only disk, but also tape technologies and archive software technology that enables customers to achieve the ability to keep things for longer, and at a lower price point.

JF: And how does storage as a service complement an on-premises environment from a storage perspective?

SV: It gives you the flexibility to burst workloads when you need to, or grow your storage very quickly. It also, gives you the ability to reduce your cost per gigabyte, especially with an archive as a service offering, so it’s a great way of saving customers money. So if you have data that is older than one year, or three years, and you are not touching it frequently, you are better off putting that in an archive, a low-cost archive, and then only backing up and only using your production storage for production workloads, not backing up three-year-old data.

JF: So security, according to IDC, is one of the top three priorities for CIOs right now, and in my regular discussions with customers it is definitely at the uppermost of their minds. What’s interesting is that a lot of the data breaches are not necessarily from outside, they are from inside, and quite often that data is being take from nonproduction environments, such as archive environments. The data center team may not be so focused on that from a security perspective. Can storage as a service help with that, or archive as a service?

SV: Absolutely, our cloud offerings can help with the high degree of encryption that we have, we can also do that on premises, with technologies such as encryption on disk, or the ability to back up an encrypted database; a lot of other vendors will need customers to unencrypt their data before they can back that up. With Oracle storage you don’t have to. 

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