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 Oracle Big Data Webcast: Acquiring Big Data    (FAQ)

Demo/Sample Programs

 Email Application: This sample application uses table based data modeling concepts 
to create a fully functioning email client/server application. Learn how you can leverage
secondary indices from Oracle NoSQL database to run your application in a fast, 
consistent and transactional manner. For more details please follow the instructions.  
 Oracle NoSQL Database Loader: This program demonstrates how data can be read from a
simple CSV/XML file and loaded into Oracle NoSQL Database. For more details please
follow the instructions as described in README file.

Kvitter Sample Application : Kvitter is a Twitter-like microblog sample application. A user is
uniquely identified by his/her user name. A user signs in using his/her password. A blog is
uniquely identified by the blog Id. A blog is created by a user. A user can follow other users.
Source code can be downloaded from here.

 Oracle NoSQL Database PL/SQL Stored Procedure Integration : This program demonstrate
how Oracle NoSQL java API can be invoked from a Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedure to
perform get and put operation in NoSQL DB from PL/SQL Stored Procedure.For details
please follow the instructions described in README file.

Articles & Blogs  

 Oracle NoSQL DB in IoT era by Emi Kayama, @ IT
 De-mystifying "eventual-consistency" by Ashok Joshi, Sr. Director of Development, Oracle
 Oracle Magazine: Big Data Management by Dave Segleau, Director of Product Management, Oracle
 First Look: Oracle NoSQL Database by Peter Wayner
 Oracle NoSQL First Impression by Zohaib Sibte Hssan

Additional Videos

 Mike Olson, Virtues of KV  Using JSON Schema
 Reading Key Value Pairs  Passoker chooses Oracle NoSQL DB
 Twitter demo using BDA  Developing MoviePlex Big-Data App


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