Oracle Application Development Framework Best Practices

The Oracle ADF Best Practices is a evolving page of information from the source that helps Oracle ADF developers to go beyond the basics in their Oracle ADF application development. The concept is to provide white papers, design patterns, code examples and more to real-world coding challenges that developers can use and integrate in their projects. The content in this page provides links to information that will provide guidance in your ADF based application implementations.
 ADF Functional Patterns & Best Practices
 Oracle ADF Architecture Square
 Oracle ADF Architecture TV
 ADF Insider - Technical WebCasts
 ADF Task Flow Design Fundamentals
 Techniques for Testing Performance/Scalability and Stress-Testing ADF Applications
 Oracle Application Testing Suite Testing accelerator for Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
 Taking an Oracle ADF Application from Design to Reality
 Oracle ADF Development Essentials
 Oracle ADF Community Code Samples Repository
 Oracle ADF Code Corner by Frank Nimphius
 ADF Methodology Google Group
 Oracle ADF Methodology Group Wiki
 More community blogs about Oracle ADF