Oracle Application Express

What Is Application Express?

Build applications using only your web browser.

Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), is the low code web application development tool for the Oracle Database. Application Express enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications, either on-premises or in the cloud. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, you can rapidly develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure for any device, from desktop to mobile. Oracle Application Express combines the qualities of a low code tool, productivity, ease of use, and flexibility with the qualities of an enterprise development tool, security, integrity, scalability, availability and built for the web. See how you can take advantage of this fully-supported, no-cost feature of the Oracle Database by signing up for an account at

Sample Application Express application

Common Use Cases

Using Application Express you can build a wide variety of applications from the most simplistic form and report on a table, to very complex multi-lingual applications that interfaces with numerous back end systems, such as the Oracle Store. To see a showcase of various Internet applications built with Application Express go to

  • Visualize and maintain database data on desktop and mobile devices
  • Extending enterprise application solutions
  • Modernizing legacy applications
  • Webifying desktop tools and spreadsheets

Simple 3 Tier Architecture

Application Express Architecture
  • Simple architecture where page requests and submissions made from the browser are tunnelled through the mid-tier to execute in the Oracle Database and returned as HTML responses to the browser.
  • No data manipulation or processing is performed in the mid-tier, instead the Oracle APEX engine (inside the Oracle Database) accepts the page, and interacts with the data schemas in the database.
  • The mid-tier can be either the preferred Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) running in a Java Server {either Oracle Web-Logic Server (WLS), Oracle Glassfish, or Tomcat} or Oracle Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG) which is part of the Oracle DB, or Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) with mod_plsql.
    It is common for OHS to be installed in front of ORDS to act as a proxy and serve images.

Development / Deployment Options

Application Express provides unrivalled flexibility in where you develop your applications, and where the applications are deployed.

  • For stand-alone development install Application Express on your laptop, inside a VM, or in a Docker container.
  • For organization-wide development have IT install Application Express into an on-premise Oracle Database
  • Utilize an Oracle Database Cloud Service to be up and running in minutes
  • Export the application from development, producing a plain text SQL file
  • Import the application into any Oracle Database, on-premises or cloud, with Application Express installed
  • Send your end users the URL to the application

Strong Community

Oracle Application Express has an excellent, active, world-wide developer community. The broad reach of the APEX community is regularly displayed at numerous Oracle and APEX only events. Their is an incredible cammerarderie, even between developers from competing consulting companies, making it easy for anyone and everyone to engage with the community.

Fully Supported. Enterprise Ready. No Additional Cost.

If you have the Oracle Database, you already have Application Express. Since 2004, Application Express has been a fully supported and no-cost feature of the Oracle Database. Using Application Express as a platform, thousands of customers have created applications that range from small opportunistic solutions to enterprise-wide mission critical systems.

  • Fully supported by Oracle
  • No cost feature of the Oracle Database
  • Included with Oracle Database since 2004
  • Runs wherever the Oracle Database runs
  • Can exploit all features of Oracle Database
  • Scales with the Oracle Database

Capitalize upon your Oracle Database Investment


Application Express can easily be used by citizen developers, yet it is broad enough to be exploited by experienced enterprise developers. This enables developers to build small opportunistic solutions all the way up to complex enterprise-wide mission critical systems.


The Oracle Application Express engine runs directly in the Oracle Database and exploits the database's extraordinarily scalable and efficient architecture. You can also take full advantage of improved performance with Exadata, Real Application Clusters (RAC), and the In-Memory option.


The Oracle Application Express framework provides numerous security features out-of-the-box. Authenticate your users using LDAP, Oracle Single-signon, Oracle Database credentials, or HTTP Header variable. Exploit database features like Virtual Private Database and Real Application Security.