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The Java Petstore 2.0

The Java Pet Store 2.0 Reference Application is a sample application brought to you by the Java BluePrints program at Sun Microsystems. This application is designed to illustrate how the Java Enterprise Edition 5 Platform can be used to develop an AJAX-enabled Web 2.0 application. The application comes with full source-code available under a BSD-style license, so you can experiment with it and use it in your own applications.

The Java Pet Store 2.0 is the reference application for building Ajax web applications on Java Enterprise Edition 5 platform. It illustrates BluePrints for using Ajax with Java, building AJAX-enabled JSF component libraries, using Java Persistence APIs, applying MVC and other design patterns in an Ajax web app, using Mashups such as Google Maps service for location specific searches of pets and PayPal service for purchases, using an RSS feed as a data source, and lots more.

With real, working code illustrating the BluePrints guidelines, the Java Pet Store 2.0 reduces the learning curve of the Java EE 5 platform, enabling you to deliver complete end-to-end solutions with faster time-to-market.

Download the Java Pet Store

The Java Petstore 2.0 Early Access runs on the Java EE 5 SDK. You can download the Java Ajax Petstore and learn about the Java EE 5 technologies. Older versions like Java Petstore Demo 1.3.2 are also available.


About Java BluePrints Program

The Java BluePrints Program program helps developers create robust, scalable, and portable applications by providing guidelines, patterns, and code that illustrate best practices on how to build end-to-end applications using Java technology.

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