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To learn more about JavaServer Faces Technology, please refer to Java EE 5 Tutorial.

Java EE 5 Tutorial Section Tutorial Content
Chapter 10: JavaServer Faces Technology Overview of JavaServer Faces Technology, creating a simple JavaServer Faces Application, User Interface Component Model, Navigation Model, Backing Beans, Life Cycle of a JavaServer Faces Page
Chapter 11: Using JavaServer Faces Technology in JSP Pages Using JavaServer Faces Application in JSP - laying out of Standard UI components, referencing Localized Messages, registering Converters, Validators, and Listeners on Components, binding Components, referencing Backing Bean methods
Chapter 12: Developing with JavaServer Faces Technology Developing Server-side objects of a JavaServer Faces Application, programming properties and methods of a Backing Bean, Localizing an Application, creating Custom Converters and Validators, implementing Event Listeners and writing Backing Bean methods
Chapter 13: Creating Custom UI Components Steps for creating a Custom Component, creating Classes, delegating Rendering, handling Events for Custom Components, creating the Tag Handler and defining the Custom Component Tag in a Tag Library Descriptor
Chapter 14: Configuring JavaServer Faces Applications Registering back-end objects with the Application, configuring Backing Beans and Model Beans, defining Navigation rules for each of the pages in the Application, and packaging the Application

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