JavaMail API Release 1.4.1


JavaMail 1.4.1
(October 22, 2007)

The JavaMail 1.4.1 release contains several bug fixes, performance improvements, and minor enhancements. It also contains EXPERIMENTAL support for the IMAP IDLE command, which has been requested for many years. See the javadocs for the "idle" method in the com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPFolder class. The demo program (included with JavaMail) has been modified to illustrate use of this method to watch for new messages.

Note: Unless you're using Java SE 6, you will also need the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) extension that provides the javax.activation package. We suggest you use version 1.1.1 of JAF, the latest release. JAF is included with Java SE 6.

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JavaMail Service Provider Guide
(February 11, 1999)

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