Download Options for Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4

Provides perpetual no-cost license for production use and the development of commercial applications.

Oracle OS

Package Installation - Recommended method for patches and software updates

Oracle Solaris 11 Get a certificate to access software from

  • Oracle Solaris 10
    sum: 10641ece76ba87a4b8d6d9835b71473b
    Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-solaris-sparc-pkg.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -
    sum: 41083e06759a5fc5348d60083922a34a
    Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-solaris-x86-pkg.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -
    Oracle Linux/ Red Hat Linux
    sum: 0ee2ed234747a226188f952a77821ea3
    Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-linux-x86-rpm.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -


    Other Downloads for Current Release

    • Sample applications
    • Tarfile Downloads (Tarfile downloads do not support product patches)
    •  See Support section below for information on patch updates available for customers with a support contract

    Additional Downloads


    • Oracle Solaris Development Tools Support Offering for Oracle Premier support, including access to patches, Platform Specific Enhancements (PSEs), and ability to log service requests. Available with Package Installation option only.
    • My Oracle Support (MOS) provides access to patches and Platform Specific Enhancements (PSEs) for customers with a support contract. PSEs contain performance optimizations for the latest Oracle hardware systems. Search for Doc ID 1578240.1 in the Knowledge Zone on MOS for a complete list of available PSEs.
    • The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4, 4/15 Platform Specific Enhancement with support for SPARC M7 and Software in Silicon is now available for customers with a support contract through MOS. This patch update includes performance enhancements for SPARC M7 and support in the Code Analyzer for finding and fixing Application Data Integrity runtime-related errors. Search for Doc ID 1578240.1 in the Knowledge Zone on MOS for more information.
    • Oracle and Sun Systems Software and Operating Systems Lifetime Support Policy for details on support timelines.

    Additional Resources